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BI alum starts company to fund dreams
Delrish Moore
Bradwell alumni Del Moore speaking with students in February on how to be successful in the careers they choose. - photo by Daniel Waugh

After years of motivating others to pursue their dreams, Bradwell alumnus Delrish Moore has launched his company One For Dreams to make those dreams come true.

Earlier this year Moore returned to Bradwell Institute and spoke to students on how to become successful in their careers and move forward. Moore is a brand strategist, marketer and motivational speaker.

One For Dreams is Moore’s apparel company, which focuses on uniting and helping people around the world achieve their dreams.

One For Dreams donates 7 percent of its proceeds towards funding someone’s dream.

“We’ll fund scholarships for higher education, small businesses, food and shelter, especially with the hurricane,” Moore said. “For some people their dreams aren’t just for college and business, they just need food and water. So even dreams as simple as that we’re going to help fulfill as well.”

One For Dreams launched Sept. 3.

The idea for the company came from giving motivational speeches to students.

 “I saw those students with big dreams and aspirations who are going through the same struggles that I had gone through when I was in high school and college,” he said. “And it dawned on me that I really wanted to give back.”

When speaking to Bradwell students in February, Moore shared his ups and downs, such as losing his father to a heart attack at 7 years old, having is college dorm burglarized and being homeless.

“I was able to make it through those moments and I said I need to help others accomplish their dreams because I do understand how difficult it is,” Moore said on his reason behind One For Dreams.

Moore chose to start a clothing line because he likes fashion’s impact.

“I see other apparel companies like FUBU, who’ve had a major impact through clothing and it can reach anyone in the world,” Moore said.

One For Dreams clothing features shirts with inspiring quotes, such as “Chase Your Dreams” and “Faith>Fear.”

Moore hopes others will be inspired by what is written on the shirt.

“Many people who have a dream, they can be around a lot of naysayers and pessimists. They’ll have internal and external doubt,” Moore said. “We’re creating a world where you’re walking up the street and you see someone with a One For Dreams shirt and it encourages them to chase their dream. We’re inspiring one another to pursue our dreams.”

Moore believes now is the “perfect opportunity to unite and become one” in light of recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia and the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

 “Whether you’re from the US or Canada, whether you’re black or white or Asian, we all have a dream. We all have that in common and so when we all come together we can make great things happen. We can stop poverty and help those without food and shelter. We’re stronger together than we are individually,” he said.

Moore already has a list of dreams to fund among students he’s kept in contact with. After those One For Dream will take referrals and people can request funding by contacting the company through its website.

Moore anticipates funding the first dreams towards the end of September and every dream funded will be posted online.

For more information, visit or on Instagram @onefordreams. 

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