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Bradwell alumni speaks with students
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Bradwell alumni Del Moore speaking with students on how to be successful in the careers they choose

Last Wednesday Feb. 15, Bradwell Institute alumni Delrish Moore returned to his alma mater and spoke to Coach Faye Baker’s Communication Skills class. Moore is a brand strategist, a marketer, and also a motivational speaker who has traveled all across the world. Moore’s message for the sixth and seventh period classes were all about how to become successful in your careers and how to move forward.

Moore was just like the students who were sitting in class listening to him, as he talked about his beginnings as a student at Bradwell. He played football on the defensive side and graduated from Bradwell Class of 2010. He wanted to play on the collegiate level, but did not receive any scholarships until he gave his contact information to a coach on an opposing team and received multiple scholarships, eventually leading him to attend Clark Atlanta University.

While Del had his ups, he also had his downs. He lost his father at the age of seven from a heart attack, lost his grandmother while in college, and also had his college dorm burglarized on two separate occasions. Moore also remembers at one point having nothing to eat but tortillas and beans, having to ration what he had for just one meal a day. On another separate occasion, Del remembers only having $1.03 to his name.

Now, as a brand strategist and motivational speaker, Del has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies in the Metro-Atlanta area and has made prominent connections with various multi-millionaires. And his time speaking in Coach Baker’s classes resulted in positive outcomes for the Bradwell students he spoke with, leaving his personal email for both classes in order to help further their future careers and network with the right people.

“Everybody was all ears to what he was saying,” Coach Baker said. “They were giving him real answers to what they wanted to do in life.”

And for Del, it’s all about being able to give back to his school and being able to help. “It’s a true blessing,” he said. “There has been a number of people who have gone on to do extraordinary things from Bradwell Institute, but not everyone is 6’ 8’ or 6’ 9” and can go to the NFL. I am a different kind of example. Anyone can be a Del Moore as long as you are willing to put in the hard work and the dedication.”

“I am so thankful that he (Del) wanted to come back and give to his alma mater,” Baker added. “You have people that are successful, and sometimes they forget where they come from, but for him to take time out of his busy schedule to come back, share, and give back means a lot. And I am just so thankful form the bottom of my heart.”

Del had multiple students emailing him as early as the end of the school day, and looks to help motivate and guide them in the right direction. And as for going forward, Moore continues to travel nationally and internationally, giving back to others and helping individuals pursue their dreams. 

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