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Family shares native heritage with 4th graders
native clothes jewelry
The Wheelers also brought clothing and jewelry traditional to their culture - photo by Photo provided.
Fourth grade students at Waldo Pafford Elementary School got a special treat and glimpse into the traditions of the Navajo/Zuni tribes thanks to the Wheeler family on Sept. 29.
The Navajos are the largest tribe in the world. Zuni is one of the Pueblo tribes from New Mexico.  
Wanona Wheeler and her husband, SSgt. Herman Wheeler of the E Company, 3-69 AR Battalion on Fort Stewart, brought an array of artifacts from the Navajo/Zuni culture to share with students. In addition to the artifacts, Wanona Wheeler and her four children, fourth-grader Jonathan, third-grader Tristan, eighth-grader Shania and ninth-grader Tashina, demonstrated traditional dances from their culture and explained the significances of the moves. The family wore handmade, traditional clothing and explained the difference pieces of clothing worn by each member of the family.  
Students and teachers watched and enjoyed learning about the heritage of two of their peers. Jonathan and Tristan Wheeler attend Waldo Pafford.
The Wheeler family is from the Arizona/New Mexico area and said they pride themselves on keeping their heritage strong and active. Wanona Wheeler said their family motto is “keep it strong.”

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