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Former lawmaker visits Long Co. school
Mosley stresses ethical standards, responsibility
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Former State Rep. Hinson Mosley speaks to students at Long County High School. He talked about responsibility and stressed the importance of voting. - photo by Mikee Riddle

Former State Rep. Hinson Mosley of the 171st District recently spoke to several classes at Long County High School, including Christi Cruz’s government students. Cruz formerly served as a page for the congressman.

“In looking at you (students), I see a possible state representative, governor or even a president. Anything is possible, but to be successful, you have to lay the groundwork,” Mosley said.

He told the students that he was not someone most people would expect to end up in politics. He was born the son of a sharecropper and was very shy as a young person, but he said his parents instilled in him good values, such as honesty and the importance of hard work.

“Before I went into and then even after I was in politics, I always had the reputation for doing what I thought was right. This was instilled in me from my parents’ example and in their encouragement to me,” Mosley said.

The former representative told the students about his job as a state representative and explained how laws are made in Georgia. After speaking to the children, Mosley fielded questions. One student asked Mosley about the difference between the two major political parties.

“The biggest difference between the two major parties is that one believes that it ought to do more for the people while the other believes that the government shouldn’t get involved as much,” Mosley said. “I don’t like how the parties are so separated today. When I was in office, it didn’t make a difference to me what party a piece of legislation came from. If I believed in it, I supported it.”

Another student asked what it was like to be a representative. Mosley said that even though it was rewarding, it also was stressful at times.

“My prayer, when I served, was to always remember where I came from and to be given wisdom,” he said.

Mosley also was asked whether he ever helped Long County when he served in the Legislature.

“I was fortunate enough to be able to improve and widen several of the roads in Long County and also to assist with some of the building projects (including the current Department of Family and Children Services building, Veterans Stadium and Freedom Park),” the former representative said.

Mosley encouraged the students to be active in their community, exhibit high moral standards and exercise their right to vote.

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