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Health district uses video game to get students moving
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After months of hard work to prove their commitment to the health of students, Sterling Elementary School in Glynn County has won a Dance, Dance Revolution kit — a video game system worth $4,500.
Video games aren’t just for couch potatoes anymore. Dance, Dance Revolution is designed to get your heart pumping and your body moving, and schools nationwide are incorporating the game into the school day as a way to encourage physical activity.
The Coastal Health District’s Live Healthy Georgia Schools initiative challenged every school in its 8-county district to complete an extensive list of activities to promote school health.
The list includes creation of a school health committee, vision and hearing screenings and follow-up, promoting the signs and symptoms of heart attacks and strokes, asthma education, oral health and more. To be eligible, school districts must also have adopted a public health and CDC approved “100 percent tobacco-free schools” policy.
Once all the requirements are met, schools will win one of 50 Dance, Dance Revolution kits, including the Play Station 2 system, two memory cards, one DDR Extreme 2 game, two ENERGY metal dance pads, 28 practice pads, and eight pedometers.
Sterling Elementary is the first school in the district to complete the necessary activities and win a game system. The award presentation was made during Tuesday’s Glynn County Board of Education meeting.
Marsha Pierce, school health program coordinator for the Coastal Health District, said. “Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic we must address. I hope other schools will see what Sterling Elementary has accomplished, and take the necessary steps to win a game system. We believe Dance, Dance Revolution can help teach children that exercise can be fun and exciting.”
Forty-nine more Dance, Dance Revolution kits are available for schools that complete the required activities.
The Live Healthy Georgia Schools initiative was created to support schools as they implement new wellness policies as required by federal law. Funding for the Live Healthy Georgia Schools initiative is provided by the following public health programs: School Health, Health Promotion, Tobacco-Use Prevention, Cardiovascular Health, Asthma and Diabetes.
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