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High-schoolers teach preschoolers about bullying
Bullying awareness 2
Long County High School junior Ciara Phillips (standing) looks on while fellow junior Nehyana Scott (squatting) encourages preschooler Gauge Stephens to put a phrase in the correct category, mean words or nice words, during a lesson on bullying awareness. - photo by Photo provided.

Bethany Gilliam’s third-year early childhood education class went into the Long County High School preschool classroom to teach the preschoolers early last month.

The goal was to teach the preschoolers about bullying and the effects it has on others.

Three short activities were performed to teach the preschoolers what they should and should not say. To begin the lesson, the preschoolers watched a short clip from “Bambi.” The students learned that if they have nothing nice to say, they shouldn’t say anything at all.

Afterward, two of the high-schoolers conducted an activity in which there were two columns, nice words and mean words. The high-schoolers had the young students raise their hands and say things that should go on each column. For example, “You are very smart,” would go on the nice column. “I don’t like your shoes,” would go on the mean column.

An activity followed in which all of the preschoolers were encouraged to stand in a circle and hold the hand of a “big friend” or a fellow student.

One by one, the preschoolers were guided to the middle of the circle to pick someone — a “big friend” or a “small friend” — to say something nice to them.

Along with this activity, all Long County High FCCLA members made anti-bullying signs to be posted around the school and wore blue to bring attention to the issue of bullying.

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