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Honor Roll: First Presbyterian Christian Academy
honor roll

First Presbyterian Christian Academy recently announced its third nine-weeks honor rolls:

First grade
All A’s
Gabe Dickey
John Ducote
Sofia Duncan
Bella Ewing
Jaimee Harris
Ella Quick
Mackenzie Reynoso
Bentley Schuman
Shan Tripathy
Caileigh Wallace
A’s and B’s
Nia Blevins
Maverick Brewington
Amelia Dye

Second grade
All A’s
Rebekah Campbell
Michael Christensen
Savannah Councill
Heather Garrett
Jake Hendrix
Yancie Janneh
Bryan Kinkle
Sarah Ni
Aarya Patel
Lillian Smith
A’s and B’s
John Fath

Third grade
All A’s
Savannah Dickey
Addison Dotterer
Michael Ducote
Avery Johnsen
Elissa Ogles
Nikki Richards
A’s and B’s
Kiorra Johnson
Eden Osteen

Foruth grade
All A’s
Bianca Duncan
Joanna Kinsey
Jade Varnadoe-Cooke
A’s and B’s
Taneiha Bowman
Joshua Franz
AJ Freeman
Madelyn Merritt
Aida Ni
Emily Osteen
Fifth grade
All A’s
Haylee Dotterer
Amiyah Durrence
Lettie Dye
Lily Floyd
Elizabeth Gaskin
John David Satterfield
A’s and B’s
Regan Smiley

Sixth grade
All A’s
Sienna Atkins
Taniyah Bowman
Timothy Christensen
Aiden Hendrix
A’s and B’s
Cameron Eason

Seventh grade
All A’s
DJ Christensen

Eighth grade
A/B Honor Roll
Jason Ouyang

Ninth grade
All A’s
Melanie Delarosa
Alicia Dye
Gia Sabalboro
A’s and B’s
Jacob McCartney
McKenzie McCartney

Tenth grade
All A’s
Asta Seajaer
Simon Steele
Haley Stuart
A’s and B’s
Molly Strickland

Eleventh grade
A’s and B’s
Madison Buckley
Gavin Finif

Twelfth grade
All A’s
Cecilia Graham
John Killough
Xavier McCartney
A’s and B’s
Autumn Beasley
Isiah Dickey
Jamison Golson
Victoria VanBeverhoudt

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