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Joseph Martin depends on military
Relatives of Joseph Martin Elementary School students and faculty featured on the school’s “Our Heroes” bulletin board are, from left, Sgt. Ricky Selby, Anthony Stewart, Teranisha Smith, Capt.Toby Mackall, Capt. Alejandro Bonilla, Daniel Huddleston and Blake Dasher.
The military is a way of life in our town.
Deployments and tours of duty are major parts of existence for many students and staff at Joseph Martin Elementary. The school partners with 4-3 Base Support Troop Battalion at Fort Stewart, and staff members say they are proud to have these men and women assisting in the physical and mental well-being of students.
Joseph Martin has had the pleasure of listening to the 3rd Infantry Division Band during Red Ribbon Week; members from the 4-3 have taken an active part in Parent-Staff Organization meetings; members assisted during fall festival and field day; and will be the nucleus of an upcoming mentoring program.
Faculty members say Lt. Col. Nora Marcos and 1st Sgt. Franklin have devoted a lot of time and effort to the students at JME.
The school has also devoted part of the main hall for an “Our Heroes” bulletin board,  displaying photographs of some of the deployed family members.
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