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Joseph Martin fifth-graders mapping education
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Luther Zettler studies a map. - photo by Photo provided.

We had to do a map project that was all about learning how to understand different maps. We had to look at the population of the states, the Great Lakes and the number of representatives from each state. We also learned about the average family, and the number of kids 18 and under in the U.S.
The population is the number of people or animals in a certain area since a specific year, but in this case it’s how many people in each state. We had to look for the population of states such as Georgia, Michigan and Montana. Another thing we did with populations is see which state has a greater or less population than another state.
There was one question that had to do with population: “What state has the most population: California or Texas?” It wasn’t very challenging and it was all simple if you looked at the map with it.
There are five Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior. They have some cool facts to know. They are some of the most important lakes in America and they’re HUGE! The biggest Great Lake is Superior. Here’s one of the questions: “Name three states that are near the Great Lakes?” I learned a trick to remember them all — the lakes spell HOMES with their first letters.
Representatives are different people from different states who represent that state at the House of Representatives. The representatives serve two-year terms at the House of Representatives. We had to see the percentage of representatives for the state.
The average family is the number of family members in each family in every state in the United States. It usually shows how much it is in percentage. It also shows the percentage how many kids are 18 and under in every state.
It was a great experience! I really hope we can do it again.

Brianna Battle is a fifth grader in Rebecca E. Smith's class at Joseph Martin Elementary

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