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Joseph Martin raises $2,700 for UW
Sarah Trawick takes her turn kissing the goat. - photo by Photo provided.
Joseph Martin Elementary School’s staff and students got excited about collecting money for annual United Way campaign this school year.
Teresa Goody and Loretta Adair led the campaign for the school. They decided that they wanted to raise as much as they could. So, along with the staff, they wanted to get the children involved.
Both came up with two fundraisers. The first was the teacher who collected the most money per grade level had to kiss a goat. Another was taping the assistance principal to a wall during the Parent-Staff Organization festival.
Students brought in spare change, hoping to make their teachers kiss a goat. The first place winner wa Suzanne Harris’ third grade class with $145.42 raised, second place was Melissa Pingley’s fifth grade class with $145.33, third place was Jennifer Beck’s fourth grade class with $96.05, fourth place went to Bonny Hobby’s first grade class with $66.08. The total raised was $875.66.
The amount raised to tape up Mary Guiendon was $45.
About 98 percent of the staff made contributions to the United Way. In total JME raised $2,701.45.
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