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Last week of classes at Long schools aim at fun
mr SchoolDays3
Teachers serve ice cream treats to the seventh grade class on the last day of school. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
It finally arrived.
Long County schools wrapped up their final week Friday and there were activities galore at all three schools.  
As the high school prepared for its graduation ceremony, the elementary and middle schools also had a very busy last day.
Walker Middle School completed its school year with an easy day for students and teachers. Students pretty much had a leisure day, as all exams and test had already been completed. Some of the activities for the last day included an awards day ceremony, pizza party for students who read 25 books or more, and an ice cream party for the seventh grade.
The students down the road at Smiley Elementary School also had a week full of fun. Some of their end-of-school activities included a perfect attendance party, and accelerated reading party.
The highlight of the week was on Friday when students and teachers had a water fight party at the end of the day.  Everyone brought water guns to school, and a garden hose was hooked up. Then, in the field out by the buses, the floodgates were opened.
Whether you were the principal or the newest student, all got soaking wet.  Teachers and students alike took the opportunity to find that “special someone” and send them off for the summer break with a blast.
There was still some work to be completed though. Teachers were still cleaning rooms and turning in equipment. It was anticipated some of the staff would still have a week or two of work remaining before they can go home for the break.
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