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LES students graduate DARE program
Liberty County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Vernecia Mells and Cpl. James Caines watch as speaker Tewana Lecounte helps a student put on a bookbag at the DARE graduation.
Teachers and parents watched the procession of Liberty Elementary School fifth-graders march down a red carpet Dec. 20 for successfully completing the nine-week DARE program.
Tewana Lecounte was guest speaker for the graduates but also spoke to the parents. She commended the parents for showing their support and encouraged them to continue to do so.
“The first thing you can do to help your kids resist (drugs) is not do it yourself,” Lecounte said.
Her address to the graduates centered on courage. She asked for a definition of courage and a student said it was “the ability to stand up for what’s right.”
“You have to have courage to stand up to say no,” Lecounte said. “You can still be afraid and have the courage to do what’s right.”
Her comments inspired a few agreeing nods from the fifth-graders.
Lecounte also mentioned the invaluable resource adults can play in children’s lives.
“One of the best things to help you stay off drugs is obedience to your elders,” Lecounte said.
“Courage and respect, those things will help you and take you really far. I congratulate you on your graduation,” she said.
Graduates individually walked across the front of the gym to receive a certificate and congratulatory handshake from Lt. Vernecia Mells, Cpl. James Caines and LES assistant principal Sonia Bacon.
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