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Officials say first school day went well
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As she glimpsed a sea of royal blue and white polos shirts, Bradwell Institute principal Dr. Vicki Albritton said she thought students looked great in their new school uniforms, which also help to easily identify those who belong on campus.
"We only had four students out of 1,800 that were not in uniform," Albritton said.
She was impressed and happy with the way things went Wednesday, mentioning only minor challenges with the uniform's belts and shirts.
"It was a super first day," Albritton said.
Students at BI and Liberty County High School began the 2008-09 academic year with a new standard dress code.
Liberty County High School assistant principal Dr. Lawrence Butler also saw some minor issues with students' belts.
Though he feels it may be a little too soon to make a solid conclusion, Butler said the students seem to be OK with the new uniforms.
The smooth transition from summer to scholastics was due to the "dedication and professionalism of our staff and the cooperation of the parents and students," said Dr. Judy Scherer, district superintendent.
"Students returned excited to see their friends and eager to learn."
With the recent news the school system did not make Adequate Yearly Progress last year, Scherer said there will be a concerted effort among each school to meet the standards in all subgroups.
"Our primary goal for this year will be to provide every student with a quality education in a safe, orderly environment," Scherer said.
To help foster that safe environment, Lewis Frasier Middle School and Snelson-Golden Middle School students will have physical education classes on a new, linoleum-type gym floor versus fraying carpet.
Like Albritton, Tom Alexander, principal at Lewis Frasier Middle School, held assemblies to inform students of expectations, after-school activities and introduce new school staff.
"We're really impressed with the students who returned this week," Alexander said. "Their behavior was excellent and they've really worked (at) getting into established routines."
New curriculum developments in county schools include math content for BI freshmen and a reading-improvement program at LFMS.
BI welcomed more than 20 new faculty members from across the nation and around the world, including a teacher from Cameroon, Africa.
"A global staff for a global student body," Albritton said.
The school is looking forward to strengthening community partnerships.
"We will have adult class sponsors this year to hopefully boost school and class spirit even more," she said.
Panther fans are counting down the days until their new stadium opens, according to Dr. Butler at LCHS.
And even the youngest students had a great start.
"Most of the students were in uniform and had smiles on their faces," said Claire Blanchard, Lyman Hall elementary principal.

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