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Students discover dirt's impact on waterways
Environmental spotlight! Biology students from East Georgia College learn impacts of dirt and other non-point source pollution to our waterways. - photo by Submitted / Coastal CourierSubmitted / Coastal Courier
The Ogeechee-Canoochee Riverkeeper staff for Liberty and other area counties recently demonstrated the impacts  of nonpoint source pollution with their EnviroScape model and showed a short video      by the Environmental Protection Division on nonpoint source pollution.
East Georgia College students enrolled in Dr. Jim Wedincamp’s biology class learned about the impacts of dirt and other nonpoint source pollution to our waterways. The students saw how rain can wash dirt, fertilizers and pesticides into streams.
After learning about the Georgia Rivers Alive Program, the students were given t-shirts, trash bags and gloves  to conducted trash cleanups   to help raise other people’s awareness of pollution    issues on Georgia’s rivers   and streams.
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