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Election 2018 candidate profile: Karen Branson
Profile Branson

Karen Branson

Reason for running: 

I am running to give the voters of District 4 a choice. I am a concerned citizen running for a non-partisan position on the school board. The time has come for the citizenry to raise the bar, restore civility to the public discourse and demand accountability from its representatives.  District 4 is lucky to have three competent candidates. 



• Practice fiscal responsibility through transparency.

• Support all stakeholders (learners, LCSS, parents and community).

• Respect other members when communicating an opposing point of view.

• Vote with clear understanding of the facts and best interest of LCSS.

• Serve no more than two terms.  (Elected positions should have term limits)

• Work to protect the public school system and its resources from the opportunity school initiative.

• Never compromise my principles, even if it means standing alone or losing public favor.

Top three priorities if elected:

1. Complete the appropriate training for school board members. 

2. Request a comprehensive review of the LCSS to learn and understand its current state; identify areas for improvement and collaborate with the administration to prioritize goals.

3. Recommend a formal program to focus on the recruitment and retention of educators and support staff, if one does not exist.


Branson and husband hail from East Saint Louis, Illinois, a small city five minutes from the Arch in Saint Louis, Missouri, but on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River. She married after high school and entered the United States Army.  Branson served on active duty for nearly 12 years, then decided to complete her education with first an associate of arts degree (1996) and a bachelor’s degree (1998; business management) from Saint Leo University in Florida.  She went on to earn a dual master’s degrees in leadership and human resource management from Webster University.  She was employed by the state as an information technology customer service rep and project manager for nearly 20 years.  Today, she works as an IT business consultant with a private overseas firm. 

She has participated in voter registration drives and completed the Leadership Liberty program in 2013.  She has volunteered with the Liberty County School System and is an active board member with the Liberty County Armed Services YMCA.

On April 4, Branson celebrated 31 years of marriage to her high school prom date.  Col. Charles Branson commands the 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade at Fort Bragg, NC.

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