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Hinesville runoff candidates report spending
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Runoff election details

• Hinesville’s runoff elections for mayor and City Council District 3 are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday at Charles Shuman Recreation Center, 800C Tupelo Trail. Go to after the polls close for updates on the results as soon as they become available.
• WHNL,Gospel 94.9 FM, plans to air visits by the mayoral candidates, Allen Brown and Charles Frasier, at 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday.
• For previous coverage of the municipal elections, including video from the October candidates forum, go to

Hinesville’s four runoff election candidates submitted their final campaign contribution reports Monday. They had to submit a report six days prior to the general runoff election date, which is Tuesday.

Allen Brown received an additional $5,206.62 in cash contributions, bringing his total cash contribution amount to $27,831.62. Most of his expenditures went toward displays and mailed items. Brown’s biggest expenditure was $1,585 for advertisements in the Coastal Courier. He has a leftover balance of $950.09.

Also in his Nov. 23 report, Brown lists two contributions totaling $1,250 that he was given on Oct. 28, three days after his Oct. 25 report and five business days prior to the general election.

During that time period, candidates earning more than $1,000 were required to submit a Two Business Days Report of Contributions Received to the city within two days of receipt of the contributions.

Brown said it “was ignorance on my part” that he did not submit one, but he said he would probably have to submit one before the runoff.

“And I just thought once you turn that paper in that in fact we’re not — we can’t rely on it, but the clerk had said you’ll just have to do another one,” he said. “And I got some stuff, so I went ahead and put it on there. I didn’t know it was requiring a second report.”

Charles Frasier received an additional $1,600 in cash contributions, bringing his total cash contribution amount to $23,961. He also received an in-kind contribution of $850 from Billy Jones, listed as an attorney.

Most of his expenditures were to campaigning methods including T-shirts and robocalls. Frasier’s biggest expenditure was $672.90 for “political printing” with VIP Office Furniture and Supply. He has a leftover balance of $1,600.

In a follow-up on the previously reported campaign finances, Yvonne Woods, Frasier’s treasurer, stated that in the Sept. 30 report, an entry for a $150 contribution was accidently written as having been received in October when it actually was given in September.

“I’m Charles Frasier’s treasurer, and I inadvertently wrote October instead of September. It is not a postdated check,” Woods said.

City Council runoff

Arthur Nixon and Angela Nelson, both candidates running for the District 3 City Council seat, reported no new contributions in their Nov.
23 reports. Nixon raised a total of $2,070 and Nelson a total of $2,025.15 in contributions.

Other candidates

Six prior Hinesville candidates submitted contribution reports for a Nov. 13 date. Only two received additional funds after their Oct. 25 contribution reports, and one wrote an amendment to a prior report.

Mayoral candidate Liston Singletary III received an additional $380 in cash and $52 of in-kind donations. The contributions went toward campaign advertisement. Total contributions to date for Singletary were $6,798 in cash and $838 of in kind value. Singletary has no leftover cash balance.

District 1 City Council candidate Cathey Winn received an additional $200 in cash contributions. She used the funds for campaign advertisement. Her total contributions to date were $1,349.29. Winn has no balance left over.

Joseph Stuart, a District 3 City Council candidate, submitted an amendment to his Sept. 30 report. His initial report stated that his total cash contributions and total cash expenditures were $988.16, leaving no balance. In his new report, Stuart states that he only spent
$808.16 and has $180 left over.

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