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Flemington OKs smoking ordinance
EP Flemington CouncilPic
Monthly meeting: Flemington City Council discussed a number of issues during their regular meeting this month, including smoking and animal ordinances. - photo by Emily Peterson / Coastal Courier

Flemington City Council approved a smoking ordinance for the municipality during its regular meeting this month.
The ordinance will apply to all businesses, not just restaurants.
The council had received complaints in the past of a business in the city that allowed smoking, thus spearheading the decision to pass a smoking ordinance for Flemington. Businesses will need to display “no smoking” signs to notify people of the new restriction.
The council also discussed the Liberty County Animal Control Ordinance.
City council member Donnie Smith said she does not have a problem with the tethering portion of the ordinance, but is not in favor of the $6 fee that will be charged for each pet to be vaccinated.
“It is a deterrent for people to get their pets vaccinated,” Smith said.
Franci Edgerly of ITI Marketing in Brunswick was present to discuss the possibility of having an interactive map and online guide with information about the area. The guide would be updated quarterly, and would be paid for with tourism dollars. The cost for one year is $4,000.
“It would give us a tracking device that we don’t currently have,” Mayor Sandra Martin said.
Landowner Joel Osteen presented to the council information about the possibility of a borrow pit off of Old Sunbury Road behind Kallquist Drive.
A state permit will be needed and there is also the issue of whether the property is residential. If the borrow pit is approved, about 1,000 loads of dirt would be able to be hauled out and sold.
“Our main concern is safety with the dump trucks coming in and out,” Martin said.
The council also discussed the possibility of modifying its contract with the city of Hinesville to include Old Sunbury Road and Joseph Martin to be maintained.
The city council also talked about the need to appoint someone to serve on the Hinesville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Citizens Advisory Committee.

• Smoking ban
• Animal control ordinance
• Online guide
• Possible borrow pit
• Road maintenance
• Committee appointment

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