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Flemington tables revisions to subdivision rules
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Flemington's monthly city council meeting on April 8 was brief.  
Councilman Palmer Dasher asked LCPC Engineer Abe Nadji about the Dykes Tract Site Plan and the situation with the drainage.
"All of the drainage from the three acres is supposed to go to the back (of the property)," Nadji said.
The detention pond at the back of the property empties into the wetlands. Nadji said that while this complies with ordinances, there might still be standing water near Highway 84 where there is an undeveloped section of property.
Mayor Sandra Martin opened the floor for a public hearing in reference to the revised Subdivision Regulation Ordinance. She told the council were questions about how much green space is required in the Soil Erosion, Sedimentation and Pollution Control Ordinance. The percentage of green space required is 20 percent and works in hand with the Subdivision Regulation Ordinance.
Adoption of the revised ordinance was tabled until the updated version is given to the mayor and council.
Council voted to adopt the federal standard for mileage reimbursement, which is 50.5 cents per mile. The last time it was increased was in October 2005, when it was raised from 30 cents per mile to 45 cents per mile.
Brandon Wescott with the Liberty County Planning Commission informed the mayor and council that he spoke with a permit engineer with the Georgia Department of Transportation about the maintenance of state roads. According to Georgia Code section 32-2-2, the DOT is required to provide extensive operations and maintenance to sections of state highway systems that lie inside any city. This can include work such as reconstruction of bridges and major resurfacing. If there is minor maintenance that needs to be taken care of, that is the responsibility of the city.
A budget hearing was scheduled for the next city council meeting, to be held at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 13.
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