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Graduation 2010: Liberty County
LCHS prayer
Andre Jones clasps his hands in a prayer of thanks to God for allowing him to complete his high school education as he walks away from the podium Saturday morning at Liberty County High School’s Donell Woods Stadium. - photo by Photo by Lewis Levine
Under clear skies and a relentless sun, 251 Liberty County High School students crossed a threshold into adulthood Saturday morning, leaving behind four years of schooling to earn the coveted diploma many worked so hard to secure.
The students used the programs which were handed to them as fans as they took their seats, trying to stay cool as they listened to brief speeches by salutatorian Zachary Glasco and valedictorian, Seth Csan.
Glasco told his fellow students they were entering the real world.
“Well, here we are, on the last day of our high school career. From here we will enter the real world. Some of us will be off to college while others will be beginning our careers. Regardless of the path we take, we will always have the fundamentals and experiences gained from our time here at Liberty County High to guide us down the road to success.”
Glasco pointed out 40 students would graduate with honors, while 101 received diplomas with distinction, and 98 will have earned a dual seal diploma for college prep and technical courses taken throughout their school years.
Csan thanked the faculty and friends for pushing the students to reach the goal of receiving their diplomas.
“Thank you for showing that you cared about us and for dealing with us these past four years,” the valedictorian said. “I’m sure that many of us cannot describe how relieved we are to finally be at the end of our high school journey.”
Csan also told his fellow graduates the future is theirs and risks will have to be taken.
“We need to embrace this opportunity, make something of ourselves and take those risk. Our generation is going to be running this country very soon, so we will all need to work together, further educate ourselves, and prepare for this remarkable responsibility that past generations are bestowing upon us.”
After the speeches and certification of the graduates by Superintendent Dr. Judy Scherer, Principal Paula Scott presented the graduating glass of 2010.
By rows the students stood, waited until they were called to step forward to receive their diplomas. Andre’ Jones who was overcome with emotion after receiving his diploma, held up his diploma toward the sky in prayer and said he was sharing it with God.
“I was holding it up to God our Lord. It felt amazing when I got my diploma. I went through a lot to earn it. I had a lot of people supporting me and backing me up. Now I plan on joining the Air Force and making something of myself.
Shaquina Holden said, “I accomplished something and am very excited about graduating. It was a rough road and I got through it. And I am very proud of myself for making it here today.” Holden plans on going to college in Louisiana to study philosophy and later enter the Navy.
With the simple words by Principal Scott, “your dismissed,” the students tossed their caps into the air and began hugging one another, many had tears streaming down their faces.
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