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Heart of Christ requests donations
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The Heart of Christ and its sister organization, Yah Gives a Second Ministries, has had a mobile building donated to house part of its ministry operations, including a parsonage, sanctuary, temporary housing for homeless persons and a computer lab.
According to Gloria Christ, CEO of both organizations, the renovations to the building have been more extensive than previously anticipated and more costly.
Work has already been done to the building, and Christ said she is grateful for the donations of money and materials for the work that’s been completed. However, she noted the organization now needs more money to complete the project so it can continue to expand its operations.
The major phase of the renovations to be completed involves enclosing a porch to create a reception area and adding a bathroom. Other work that needs to be done involves plumbing, light fixtures and kitchen and bathroom cabinets. She said about $6,000 is needed and is asking for help with the renovations.
Tax-deductible contributions can be mailed to: The Heart of Christ, Inc., P.O. Box 903, Hinesville, GA  31310.
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