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Hinesville Police Blotter for Nov. 17

Suspicious Acts: Women kicks out man for friends. Police arrived on the scene and made contact with a man who stated his girlfriend wanted to kick him out. He said his girlfriend wanted to kick him out because he did not like her friends. The man then informed police of a shooting that happened in July. The man advised an unknown male stole his gun and the girlfriend retrieved the gun. He told police his girlfriend shot at him in his residence. The man was unable to provide more information about the incident. He explained to officers that he didn’t report the incident earlier because he did not want to lose his transportation to work or not have anyone to watch his child. He told police there was a bullet in the floor of the residence, but would not let police enter his residence. Police did not take any further actions. 

Criminal Trespass: Man lives in woods after being kicked out. Police responded to an anonymous tip of someone in the woods with a tent and lamp. Upon arrival police identified a man who stated it was his tent in the woods.  He stated he was kicked out of the house due to him and his wife getting a divorce. Police advised him to pack his tent and clothes because he was trespassing and did not have permission to be there. An hour after police left the scene they were dispatched back to the same area when the man’s wife called and told him she observed someone walking along the wood line where his tent was set up. When the man went back to the tent he saw a long cut to his tarp and x pattern cut to the side of his tent. Police spoke to the wife and told them what she saw and where she believes the man who damaged the tent went. 

Suspicious Acts: Sister pulls cruel prank.  Police arrived on the scene to a mother stating she hasn’t seen or heard from her daughter in 24 hours. The mother told police what she was wearing the last time she was seen and where she was going. Police then talked to the missing woman’s older sister who advised she was arrested and could not bond out until Monday morning. When police searched the database, there was nothing consistent with her being arrested recently. Police then attempted to make contact with the missing woman at the last known address and wasn’t successful. The older sister then called police to advise her pastor said the missing woman was located in Sylvester, Georgia. Police placed a welfare check and saw on Facebook her last posted picture. Prior to completing the police report, police were advised that the missing woman was okay and the suspicious texts were meant as a joke.

Simple Assault: Disturbance turns racial. Police arrived on the scene and made contact with a man. The man told police his coworker pulled a knife on him after a verbal dispute. The man told police he told his coworker to leave him alone and his coworker replied, “Smart a** white boy, If you don’t leave me alone I’m going to scratch your eyes out.” He told police that is when his coworker pulled out his pocket knife and told him, “I’m going to cut you a** white boy.” In response to the threat the man replied, “Put that knife away before you get it shoved up you’re a**.” The man told police he left the area shortly after and waited to file because he stewed on it and thought it would be best for the police to handle it. 

Simple Battery: Man puts on gloves before assault. Police made contact with a man who stated a woman in a car asked him to speak to her. When he approached her a male stepped out of the vehicle and told him to go away. Then another man walked out of a business, took off his shirt, put on gloves and punched the man under his left eye. Police did not observe any injury to the man’s face. An anonymous witness approached police and said that a male inside the business did say he was going to take care of the man because he was causing problems. The witness did not see the incident occur.

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