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HPD Blotter for Aug. 5
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From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Simple Battery: Police responded to a domestic dispute call at a home on Grandview Drive. Upon arrival the Officer spoke with a soldier who identified himself as the Supervisor of the male soldier who lives at the house. The Supervisor said the soldier called him and asked him to come to the residence to help de-escalate an argument he was having with his wife. The Supervisor reported that when he arrived and entered the home, he saw the couple were arguing in the kitchen. As he approached the male soldier threw a glass jar on the floor causing it to shatter. The Supervisor separated the couple, placed the soldier in his car and called police. The Officer reported that the wife was extremely upset and crying. The wife reported the fight started when she caught her husband using cocaine in the bathroom. As the argument escalated the wife reported that her husband threatened to burn the house down with her inside. The wife said her husband tried to snatch her cell phone out of her hands a few times and made a motion as if to strike her but stopped short of making contact. The woman told the Officer that she was so mad that she took a kitchen knife and slashed the seats of her husband’s 4-Wheeler, “Because it was the only thing he cares about.”

The male soldier told the Officer the fight was because his wife said he was drinking too much. He refused to answer the Officer’s questions and left with his Army Supervisor.

Disorderly conduct: A citizen alerted an Officer that a person who appeared to be heavily impaired was leaving the parking lot of the EnMarket on West Oglethorpe Highway. The Officer followed the vehicle and observed the car swerve from lane to lane in a dangerous manner. The Officer mad a traffic stop at the Suds Laundromat and approached the driver. The driver said he was lost and trying to get to Augusta. He told the Officer he was feeling a bit disoriented, though he wouldn’t say why. When asked he said he drank two beers. The Officer reported that the driver had a brown powder substance on his pants and around his mouth. The driver claimed it was food. The Officer called for a second cop on scene to assist with a DUI investigation. The driver said he took a pill for pain but didn’t know the name of the pill and then refused a toxicology test. As the driver was being handcuffed and arrested the Officer reported the smell of alcohol. The driver attempted to spit on the Officer and called the Officer a racial slur. The driver was taken to jail.

Aggravated Assault: A woman reported that her boyfriend strangled her to the point where she couldn’t breath which left visible marks on her neck. The Officer made note of the marks on her neck, while the woman explained that the fights between her and her boyfriend were frequent but were now also becoming violent. She said told her boyfriend he had to leave her house and drove him to his Mother’s house. As she entered the driveway he grabbed her by the neck and started to strangle her. She said her boyfriend let go after she bit him. The woman said during one fight her boyfriend hit her in the eye and showed the Officer a photo of her with a ruptured blood vessel around her eye. The woman said she was afraid to report the fights because she thought she might be arrested. She said her three-year old son was present during some of their fights. The Officer explained how to start an eviction and how to obtain a restraining order. The boyfriend denied he strangled his girlfriend and showed the Officers various scars he said were the result of being hit by his girlfriend.

Assist other agency: Employees of DaVita Dialysis on Highway 196 are credited for saving the life of a man. The police report states that the man stopped breathing and the employees immediately began CPR. The employees continued until Liberty EMS arrived took over CPR and stabilized the man. Once stabilized EMS drove him to Liberty Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Civil Matter: A woman filed a police report stating that a construction company in Jesup had taken her money but failed to complete the job. The woman said she hired the company to rebuild a concrete slab patio at her home in Creekside Cir. The contractor came to her house and broke up her original concrete slab, but the woman said he never returned to replace it with a new slab. She was filing the report to take the matter to civil court and get her money back for the portion of the job that was not completed.

Simple Battery: A woman reported that her boyfriend kicked in her front door and threw her Waffle House food on the ground. She explained that they were returning home from the Waffle House and as they approached the front door she asked him to open the door because he had the keys. She said her boyfriend got mad when he couldn’t find the keys and kicked in the door instead. She said she was pissed because she’s already had to replace the front door three times. They started arguing about the door and her boyfriend threw her food on the ground and left. Police found the boyfriend walking on Eisenhower Drive. He told police that it was his girlfriend who kicked in the door when she couldn’t find the key. He said he’s paid for the past three doors they’ve had to replace and when they fought about it, the girlfriend was the one that threw the food on the ground. 

- Patty Leon

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