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HPD Blotters from 09/22 Courier


An officer was dispatched to a home in the 100 block Stafford Street Sept. 10, where a woman reported her husband punched her in the face twice with a closed fist. The woman reported she and her husband had been drinking and he went off and fell asleep. She said while he was sleeping, she looked through his cellphone and saw messages from other women. She woke up her husband and confronted him about the messages. He became angry and punched her twice in the face and started flipping over furniture in the house. The woman reported her husband left the house in his Grey Silverado. Another officer spotted the car and made a traffic stop where the husband was arrested for battery.

Criminal trespass / some fool with a BB gun targeting cars

It was a bad night for a man living in the 500 block of Forest Street as a police officer notified him that his truck appeared to have damage to the rear window. The man said the Red 2012 Ford F-150 did not have any damages and the officer showed the truck owner the damage to the front passenger window and the rear window. The officer reported the damage appeared to have been done by a BB gun. 

Thirty minutes earlier another officer had spotted similar damage to a vehicle parked in the 500 block of Stewart Dr. The owner of that vehicle, a 2012 Kia Optima reported what looked like BB gun damage to his car doors.  Just a few houses down another car, a 2008 Honda Civic had the passenger window shattered by a BB gun pellet. All three incidents were reported on Sept. 10. Yet another car was damaged on Sept. 9, in the 500 block of Rogers Road where the complainant reported the BB gun pellet damaged the driver’s side window. The complainant said he saw a Red Dodge Ram 1500 drive by his vehicle 10 minutes before he noticed the damaged window.

Shoplifting less than $500

A man was caught attempting to steal alcoholic beverages from the Super Walmart in Hinesville Sept. 9. The store security officer reported the man placed the alcoholic beverages in bags and then placed them in the basket of his scooter. The man scooted his way passed the cash registers and toward the exit without paying for the items. He was caught with $15.01 worth of items and arrested. 

Hit and run fixed object

Yet another mailbox was destroyed, this time in the 1000 block of Varnedoe Street where the complainant reported hearing a crash in his front yard. He looked out his window and saw the car driving through his grass and back onto the road and sped away. The fleeing car was described as a small four door silver or grey car.


Police asked two men to leave the Liberty County Recreation department after they were spotted by police sitting under the pavilion adjacent to the baseball fields. The officer reported they had received numerous complaints of homeless people sleeping at the location, using it as shelter. The same two men were told the prior evening by another officer that they could not stay there overnight and needed to leave immediately and not return. The officer told the men to leave and if caught in the area again they would be subject to arrest from criminal trespass.

Simple battery

An officer was dispatched to Liberty Regional Medical Center where a nurse reported a woman was likely being abused. The nurse said the patient has been to the hospital several times in the past few years.  The victim would not talk about the assaults or whether she was sexually assaulted as well. The victim reported her head, spine and arms were hurt from the most recent beating she received on Sept. 10. The victim told the officers two people go to and from her home to attack her and they track her movements. The victim would not tell the officers who was causing the abuse or what their relationship to her might be. The officer informed her on how to seek help at the battered woman’s shelter.

Obstruction of an officer / public drunk / woman gone wild

Officers were dispatched to a home on Grandview Drive Sept. 11, where it was reported that a woman was attempting to break in a door at the house. Officer arrived and encountered a drunk female who could barely stand up straight and was irate and belligerent. An officer spoke with a complainant who was inside the house who said he called police because his wife was intoxicated, causing a scene outside and started beating on the front door. The complainant said he wanted his wife to sleep elsewhere for the evening because she was too drunk to stay at the house. When the officer told the drunk woman she would need to sleep at her sister’s house, the woman went berserk and threw her fists in the air and rushed toward her sister and husband. When police told her to move away and calm down, she ran into the street and started yelling profanities at everyone. The officer asked the woman to place her hands behind her back because he was going to place her under arrest. The officer placed the handcuffs on one hand and the woman jerked her other hand away and tried to escape. An assisting officer helped get the woman in cuffs but during the scuffle the officer and woman went down on the ground hitting the concrete. The woman had scraped her knees. The officer reported he had a swollen knee and his uniform pants were torn where it hit the concrete.

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