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HPD Blotter for June 17

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Simple Assault:  On May 28, police were called to a home on Ivy Lane regarding a fight in progress involving two males and a gun. While en-route to the call police were told by dispatch that the man who made the complaint call said his grandson was walking away from the house with a gun. One of the officers made contact with the complainants’ grandson on Olive Street.

The grandfather told police he allowed his grandson to move into his house. Grandpa said he and his grandson started arguing because his grandson refused to clean his room and was being disrespectful. He said he told his grandson to leave the house. He said his grandson said he needed to gather some items but instead he threatened to shoot him while standing in the driveway.

The grandson explained that his grandfather has been drinking heavily since grandma passed away a month ago. He said that his grandfather told him to clean his room and when he asked where the vacuum was his grandfather said he was being disrespectful.  The grandson said he thought his grandpa was joking until he grabbed him by the arm and told him to leave. He said his grandfather attempted to punch him but he moved out of the way.

The grandson denied threatening his grandfather with a gun. The grandson’s brother and girlfriend said they witnessed the incident and never saw the grandfather being threatened by a gun. They said the grandfather was intoxicated and he fell over after he attempted to slap his grandson.

Driving while license suspended/revoked (Felony): A man driving a BMW was pulled over for having the wrong type of headlight lamps. Hinesville Police pulled him over at the Kwik Way shop on E.G Miles Parkway. HPD asked to see the man’s driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. The man’s driver’s license had been suspended in December 2019.  The man also had an outstanding arrest warrant out of Florida. The man was arrested but later released on his own recognizance due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. He was charged with driving with a suspended license and wrong headlight color. The man was given a July court date. His female passenger had a valid license and was allowed to drive the vehicle.

Suspicious acts: A male complainant called HPD to report that a woman sent him a Facebook message and later called him via Facebook video chat.  The complainant said that during the video chat the woman began taking off her clothes. He said he pleasured himself while he watched her undress. The complainant said the woman claimed to have recorded the interaction and demanded $1,500 or she would post the recorded video online. The complainant told HPD he told the woman he was, “a broke college student,” so he wasn’t going to send the money. The complainant said he later blocked the woman from his Facebook.

Entering Auto: HPD responded to a series of calls of someone breaking into vehicles. Several calls were in the 400 block of Bradwell Street where complainants reported someone entering their cars and rummaging through the center consoles. Another area reporting the same activity was in the 100 block of Sequoia Circle. In one incident a woman reported her purse, wallet Liberty County employee ID, driver’s license and credit cards were among the items taken from her car.

Burglary, residence: Police were called to a burglary in progress at a home on Shady Lane. Police met the homeowner who said she noticed her front door was kicked in as she approached her house. Police entered and made sure the house was clear before they allowed her to enter and identify what was missing. The first thing she noticed missing were several pair of her husband’s shoes. As she described the shoes to the police, the officers realized the shoes fit the description of the shoes worn by a suspect arrested earlier the same night for breaking into cars. Police showed the woman a photo of the suspect. The woman said those were her husband’s shoes. The suspect was going to be charged with the additional burglary charge.

Harassing communications: A woman said she was receiving unwanted phone calls from her ex-boyfriend. The woman claimed her ex was using different phone numbers and was calling her up to six or more times per day. She said her ex even called her job and asked for her. She told police she has sent numerous text messages letting her ex know they were done. The woman said she was afraid her ex would find out where she lives. The officer tried calling back the number from the last phone call. A man answered the phone and said, “Never call his (expletive) phone since the police are killing people.” The man then hung up. 

-Staff Report

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