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HPD Blotters June 24
Crime scene tape

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Vehicle Search: 

On May 30, a Hinesville police officer stopped a man driving a Dodge Charger for a violation of the window tint law. The officer approached the driver and reported he immediately smelled what he thought was marijuana coming from inside the car. The officer asked the driver if there was any marijuana inside the car. The driver said he had smoked a joint in the car but there was no other marijuana in the car. Another officer arrived on the scene and the car was searched but no marijuana was found. The driver was ticketed for improper window tint.

Suspicious acts: 

Police were dispatched to Madison Drive and found a blue Chevy pickup truck stuck in the ditch. Liberty EMS and Hinesville Fire were on scene attended to man #1 who was found seated in the passenger seat of the truck and man #2 who was found in the truck’s back seat.

Man #1 told police he attended a party last night and became extremely intoxicated. He said he didn’t remember what happened and doesn’t know who man #2 is. He said he didn’t know who drove the truck last night, but it wasn’t him. Police reported his clothing was covered in dirt and mud.

Man #2 said he didn’t know who drove the truck as he was passed out in the back seat of the truck. EMS was treating man #2 Diabetic symptoms.

Police found an open can of beer and bottle of Jim Beam in the truck as well as a cooler full of ice, beer and sodas in the bed of the truck that belonged to man # 1. 

Police reported the truck belonged to another person who was not at the scene. Police called the owner who said he let an employee borrow his truck and didn’t know either men that were found with his vehicle. The owner requested his truck be towed to his house. 

Man #1 called for a ride home. Man#2 was given a courtesy ride home by HPD.


HPD arrived at a home on Deann Drive after they received a call from a woman who claimed her husband pointed a gun at his head and then at her and threatened to shoot. The woman said the threat happened after she refused to take her husband to the store to get more beer. She said he was already becoming violent and he had slapped her across the face and hit her legs with his walking cane. He then went into the bedroom and brought out his gun. He pointed the gun at his head and said he was going to kill himself. Then he pointed the gun at her and threatened to kill her instead. The man admitted he did point the gun at his temple and then at his wife but said he wasn’t really going to shoot her. He was arrested. 

Aggravated Assault:  On June 2 HPD officers found a woman with her right eye swollen, a cur on her right eyebrow and scratches on the right side of her neck and shoulder. The woman said her husband was the person who injured her after they had an argument. She added that her husband also placed his hands around her neck and was choking her so she fought back tearing the shirt and scratching him on the neck, chest and arms. She said her husband punched her in the face with a closed fist which is what caused the black eye.

She said the fight started when she confronted her husband and asked whether he was cheating on her with another woman. She said after the fight her husband left the house. Police found the husband who claimed he had returned home from attending a protest and his wife started a fight due to “something she found on his computer.” He said he tried to de-escalate the fight by walking away but his wife continued spit on him. Scratch his neck and ripped his LSU shirt. He said he grabbed her arms and pinned her to the floor but denies striking her in the face. Police were able to determine that the husband was the aggressor and placed him under arrest.

Theft by taking: On June 2 officers were dispatched to the Econolodge after the manager reported a woman had stole a BBQ grill that belonged to one of the hotel guests. The manage said the woman claimed that since the grill was by the roadway it was considered trash and therefore she could take it. The manage told police that he requires guest to leave the grills by the parking lot to reduce fire hazards near the hotel rooms. The manager wrote down the vehicle tag information and gave it to police. Police called the woman who admitted she took the grill thinking someone had left it out as trash. She was told to return the grill which she did.

-Staff Report

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