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HPD Blotters June 3
Crime scene tape

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Simple assault: A Honey Creek Lane woman called HPD around 3:p.m. May 22 regarding a man with a yellow shirt with a knife who was at her apartment.  The woman was in her car. 

“(She) stated her landlord … arrived unexpectedly and began demanding money he was owed while holding a machete. She stated she was in the vehicle but he stood outside near the door staring at (her) with the machete the entire time.”

The woman said she and her boyfriend lived in the apartment and they owed him $1,000. “She was very afraid of what (the landlord) was going to do with the machete and stated she was lucky she was not inside the residence when he) arrived.”

The landlord told the officer he was there “because the tenants owed him money, and he was tired of not getting his money from them when they are supposed to pay. He stated he did not have a knife at any point.” 

The officer explained laws on arriving without notice and evictions, etc., and the landlord left. The woman was given a case numbers and a victim rights form. 

Criminal trespass: An officer was sent to a Highway 196 Parker’s around 12:45 a.m. May 23 because “a skinny white male with brown hair walked into Parker’s to buy cigarettes,” but was refused “because he did not have any identification.”

The skinny man’s girlfriend bought a 5-hour energy drink “and as they were leaving, the unknown male looked at (the clerk) and pushed over the sunglass stand, which was to the right of the door, causing it to fall onto the floor. His girlfriend yelled ‘Jason’ before they left the store in a Nissan Pathfinder in an unknown direction of travel.” 

The officer saw damaged sunglasses, etc. The clerk said she’d email him video footage of the incident. 

Simple assault and battery: Police were sent to an Eagle Creek Mobile Home Park address around 12:30 a.m. May 28 regrading “a possible hemorrhaging call.” There, officers found a man with blood running down his left forearm.

“(He) said he got into an argument with his roommate … because he started doing ‘crack’ recently. (He) said the situation continued to escalate until he grabbed a pair of scissors and started to stab (his roommate).”

But then the man said he “thought it would be a bad idea to stab (his roommate) so he decided to stab himself instead,” the report said, noting the officer saw “two deep lacerations on (his) left forearm, which were bleeding heavily. There was also a trail of blood from the residence all the way down to the driveway to where (he) was standing.”

That man was taken by ambulance to Liberty Regional Medical Center “without incident,” the report said. 

The roommate said the man was always starting trouble and on that night knocked him over and “threw a green candle” at him, causing “hot wax all over (the roommate’s) wall.” He said the man then picked up his laptop and broke it, and then went into the living room and started to stab himself.

A third person at the mobile home said much the same. The roommate got a case number and was told how to take out a warrant.

Fraud: A woman reported May 27 someone charged more than $80 worth of Little Ceasar’s pizza to her debit card on two separate orders for two separate addresses – in Illinois.

The first order was for $46.72 and was sent to a Chicago address. The second order, about 40 minutes later, was for $39.08 worth of food and went to a Calumet City address. 

The woman said she contacted her bank and had her card canceled and needed a report for reimbursement purposes.

Criminal trespass: A Gause Street man reported he went out to his brother’s car around 6 a.m. May 27 and found a “a bullet hole” in the hood. The man said he last saw the car undamaged on May 23. He said on May 24 he heard what he thought was a gunshot.  The man said he was keeping his brother’s car while he was stationed overseas. 

Theft by taking, simple battery: Police were sent to Sandy Run around 11:58 a.m. May 25 because a man was chasing another man who stole from him. Then they were sent to Mary Lou Drive regarding two men fighting who looked similar to the first two.

They then learned from the man doing the chasing that he let acquaintance stay at his apartment for a night and woke after a nap to find the man trying to take his phone charger and then running off with what he thought was more of his property inside his backpack. 

The man said he caught and tackled the acquaintance and they fought until the acquaintance hit him with a fence plank and escaped. The man said he went back to his apartment, changed shoes and then went to look for the acquaintance. 

The acquaintance, meanwhile, said he’d been picked up in Savannah by the man and another fellow, and while he was at the man’s apartment “a couple of other males came into the apartment. The males were aggressive with him so he ran outside. He believed (they) were going to hurt him due to gang-related reasons,” so he ran.  The officer told the man to “maintain contact” with HPD during the investigation.

Theft: An officer was sent to an Amanda Lane address May 25 regarding a stolen satellite dish. The woman said she wasn’t home the previous two days and her roommate told her it was gone. He told police it was missing Sunday and there had been “a “large party near their residence” on Saturday evening, and it “may have gone missing at that time.”

The officer checked and saw the pole mount and dish was missing. 

Theft by taking: A man told HPD on May 22 he works at a local store and a customer asked to borrow money, so he gave him his debit card and PIN number and “authorized him to withdraw $20.”

The complainant said the man came back 20 minutes later and gave him back his debit card, but no receipt.

“(The complainant) later discovered that (the customer) had withdrawn a total of $1,800 through five separate withdrawals.” The man said he then tried to find the customer on Facebook, and that’s when he found out his correct name. He gave that to police, etc. 

Theft: An officer was sent to a construction site on Memorial Drive around 8:30 a.m. May 25, where he was told by a foreman that a forklift had been moved and the lock to a back gate and a trailer had been cut. The foreman said “he believes someone from the site may have used the lift to take shingles from the site. He stated he had to let a few workers go on Saturday but he wasn’t sure if they were involved.” 

He was given a case number, etc.

Suspended license: An officer spotted a car speeding on Glenn Bryant Road around 6:42 p.m. May 24 and pulled it over. The officer reported the driver smelled of booze and, after a field sobriety test, was “found to be intoxicated, but I did not believe him to be severe risk to the public. I asked (the man) if he could have someone pick him up. He contacted a friend at this time.”

The friend showed up and the officer asked for a license to “verify his driving status,” and the man gave him his Colorado license. It was suspended. 

The officer cited the man for driving on a suspended license, gave him a court date and took his license. A third friend showed up and after making sure her license was valid, she was allowed to take them both home, but not before the first guy was ticketed for speeding. 

Criminal trespass: A woman reported May 24 she went to a home on Cumberland Drive “to show her family where they were going to live starting next week. She noticed the back door of the residence appeared to have been kicked in.”

It had been, police discovered. 

The real estate agent was contacted and told of the damage. 

Terroristic threats: An officer was sent to Keith Drive regarding a neighbor from hell. 

The May 20 report said the complainant “was sitting in her vehicle watching her kids on the trampoline …. When her neighbor … arrived to her apartment, which is next door to her’s. (Complainant) stated (neighbor) went to her mailbox and then went to her front door and began to flick her off (giving the middle finger, while thrusting her pelvis and smacking her butt.). (Neighbor) then returned to her vehicle and pulled out a knife and pointed it at (complainant). (Complainant) believed (neighbor) was acting as if she was going to her slice her neck or kill her. (Complainant) called the police because she was afraid for her life and … (neighbor) went into her apartment and was yelling at her from a second story window with one arm hanging out the window. (Complainant) stated (she) then stuck what appeared to be a gun out the window and pointed it at her and her children.” 

The complainant also “stated that (neighbor) has a police scanner and left the residence because she knew the police had been called and were on the way.”

Another woman who lives there said the neighbor “always acts like that and is always causing problems. (She) stated when (neighbor) pointed the gun out of the window she was afraid for her life.”

Police saw cell phone video of the neighbor pointing a knife at the complainant, then “placed the knife across her own throat in a gesture indicated she would (complainant’s) thought.”

Police also saw cell phone video of the neighbor pointing a black object out her upstairs window at the complainant, though from the video quality it was unclear if it was a weapon, the report said. 

The complainant was given a case number and told how to take out a warrant. The neighbor was not at home. 

Simple battery: More middle finger action from a neighbor. This time, police were sent to a Saunders Avenue address around 3:18 p.m. May 3 where a woman said her neighbor “has been repeatedly giving her the finger (middle finger) in their normal encounters. She finally decided to treat (the neighbor) the same way. She advised in a previous encounter today (the neighbor) was exiting a vehicle and she gave (the neighbor) the bird (middle finger). (The neighbor) began cussing at (the complainant) and (the complainant) advised the (neighbor) to (do something obscene),” the report said. 

The neighbor went to her apartment but then “came down to yell at (the complainant) about what she did and said to her. They began arguing and (the neighbor) slapped (the complainant) in the forehead.”

The officer noted he observed the complainant’s forehead “and did not observe any evidence of a physical altercation.”

The officer then went to talk to the neighbor, who said much the same about the day’s argument but said the complainant hit her on her right arm. The office noted he “observed her right arm and was unable to observe any evidence of a physical altercation.” 

They both got case numbers and told how to take out warrants.

Obstruction: An officer reported while she was on foot patrol around 11:30 p.m. May 19 near Liberty Club Apartment Complex she saw a car speed through the parking lot and nearly hit a parked car. 

The officer said she asked the driver why he was driving so fast and for his license, the report said. 

He refused to give his license, using a certain profanity, and continued to try to leave despite being told to stay put. He also at some point “stated he always drives that way while in the apartment complex.” 

After a lot more profane language directed at the officer, the man eventually had to be cuffed and put in the officer’s patrol car until backup arrived. There, the man was cited for obstruction and released with a court date. 

Assault with a deadly weapon: A Bradwell Street man reported around 3 a.m. May 22 he was upstairs asleep when he hear his wife screaming, and went downstairs where he found her “bleeding from her facial area.”

The man said he found a black mesh bag outside his door and inside it was his wallet, his wife’s debit card and some electronics. The man said the back door might’ve been left unlocked.

His wife said she went downstairs to get a snack when someone grabbed her from behind and “placed one hand over her mouth and a sharp object behind her left hear.”

The woman said she grabbed the man’s hands and then dropped to the floor “so as to get the subject off balance and protect her jugular from the sharp object” while screaming for her husband to call 911. 

The subject then “let her go and as he attempted to leave she attempted to grab a hold of the subject but was not able to get a good grip on him.”

There was no sign of a break-in. 

Excessive noise: An officer was sent to a Gen. Stewart Way apartment around 2:13 a.m. May 22 regarding a noise complainant. 

“Upon arrival I made contact with (a woman) and advised her to turn down the music due to a noise complainant,” the officer reported. “(She) stated you can go, there has not been any complaints. (She) continued to have the loud music playing.”

So, the officer “instructed (the woman) to turn down the music or be cited and (she) ignored my instruction and continued to play the loud music outside of (her apartment) through a medium sized Bluetooth speaker.”

She was cited and given a court date. 

Theft: A woman said May 18 when she got to work at her E.G. Miles Parkway business “she noticed two plant bushes missing from the front of the building. (She) stated the plants were ‘clearly’ removed by with a shovel and she wanted to make sure they were not removed the by the lawn services. (She) advised me she went through the store’s camera footage and noticed a male taking the plants and driving away.”

She told police she’d email the video.

Theft: A Windwood Circle man reported May 19 someone entered his unlocked car and took $25 and two bottles of cologne. The man told the officer “his cologne was valued at $95 and the second bottle was empty.”

He got a case number and was told to let police know if he found anything else had been taken.

Criminal trespass, simple battery: Around 9:17 a.m. May 12 officer was sent to the courthouse parking lot, where he met with a man who said “his wife … started beating on his car with a crow bar and broke his tail light due to him not giving her any money.”

A deputy saw the incident on video and the woman talked to the officer on the phone. “She stated she waited on (her husband) to return to his vehicle because he did not want to give her any money. (She) also admitted to hitting (him) and also causing minor damages to (his) vehicle.”

The husband got a case number. 


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