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HPD Blotters Sept. 9

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

DFACS Referral

A woman claiming that vampires were shocking her in the liver, and something was killing her was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center for a medical evaluation. The woman reported that she had not slept or eaten for several days. She said she was having trouble breathing and chest pain. The woman voluntarily placed her children in the care of their grandmother. The incident report noted this was the fifth incident in the last two weeks where the woman had been showing signs of possible mental breakdown.

DUI, Alcohol, less safe

A man was arrested for DUI when officer pulled him over for crossing the center lanes more than once. The driver handed the officer his license and the officer reported that he smelled alcohol coming from the driver. The officer asked the driver if he been drinking and the driver said no. The officer asked the man to step outside the car and the driver consented to a field sobriety test. After the first test the driver refused to do anything else saying he was not drunk. The driver also refused to provide a breath sample.

As officers checked the car, they found a 24 ounce can of Icehouse beer under the front seat. The officer said the beer was almost empty, but the can was still cold to the touch. When he showed the driver the can the driver responded that it was his beer but the only one, he drank. The officer allowed the driver to call his wife to pick up the vehicle. He was cited for DUI, failure to maintain lane and open container violation. 

Sexual Battery

A woman claimed her neighbor’s husband smacked her on the behind and made various inappropriate advances toward her. The woman said the first incident happened when her neighbor asked if she would buy some Cranberry Juice while at the store and bring it to her house. The complainant said when she took the juice to her neighbor the husband opened the door and told her to take the juice to his wife. The complainant said when she walked by the husband, he smacked her behind. The complainant said there another time when she noticed her tire pressure was low. The complainant said she bent over to check the tire and when she stood up, her neighbor’s husband was standing over her. The complainant said the neighbor told her that her husband was infatuated with white and Asian women and that she was going to stay at a friend’s home and away from her husband. Police spoke with the husband who denied smacking his neighbor on the behind. When police spoke with his wife, she said her husband was a convicted felon with a child molestation charge.

Theft by deception

A woman realized she had been scammed but not before the scammer got away with $993. The woman reported that someone with and Indian accent and using a local (912) number called her stating that he was from Georgia Power. The caller said her bill was delinquent and was going to be shut off. The woman was instructed to go to the Dollar General store and purchase two Moneypak gift cards totaling $500 and $493 respectively. The caller instructed the woman to scratch off the redemption code on the back and send him pictures of the code. The did what she was asked to do but later learned she had been scammed when she called the real Georgia Power Office and asked about the incident.

Disorderly conduct

A woman filed a report saying her former roommate made threatening remarks to her. The complainant said her former roommate walked by the house while she was working in the front yard. As the roommate walked by the former roommate threatened to, “Light up her place.” The complainant said the two had an argument earlier that morning and she didn’t know if her former roommate owned a gun or not. As the officer was taking the woman’s statement the former roommate walked by the house again. The officer spoke with the former roommate and gave her a citation for criminal trespass.

- Patty Leon

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