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Ida goes easy on Georgia coast
no ida wed morn
By 7 a.m. Wednesday, Ida had dropped off tracking maps put out by the NOAA. The yellow area off Florida is a tropical low the National Weather Service is watching. It is expected to develop. - photo by NOAA graphic
As Ida continues to downgrade and make its way across the Florida panhandle and into Georgia this morning, local weather experts aren’t predicting severe activity for the Georgia coast and believe it will leave only some rain.
“We think it’s going to clear off quicker than we thought it would,” said Mike Hodges, director of the Liberty Hinesville Emergency Management Agency. But, he said some of it will probably stay intact.
“There’s still one line of showers streaming up the panhandle and into Georgia,” Hodges said of the storm, which continues to move northward.
Tuesday evening, he said they’re not anticipating any flooding or serious damage from the storm and said the one thing to watch out for maybe be some high winds that could bring some riptide currents.

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