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LCSS BOE elects new Vice-Chair
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During the Jan.12, Liberty County Board of Education meeting the Board voted to appoint Donita Strickland as the new Vice-Chair by a 6-1 vote with Marcus Scott IV voting against.

Strickland and Marcus Scott IV had both expressed their willingness to run according to Chairwoman Lily Baker. Board member Carol Guyett nominated Strickland, her motion was seconded, and the Board voted.

Scott asked if the BOE was considering a bonus, much like what was given to employees at the Bryan County School System Dr. Perry said,” As you know Marcus, we have to do a budget every year and we are going to begin that cycle. As a matter

of fact, we have already begun asking Principals and others to send us information so we can develop the budget. So, if the board wishes…as we make up our budget and this is an item that the Board wants to put in then certainly, we will put it in. But a large item like that needs to be in the budget. I know that we’ve talked, and we do need to look at some discrepancies we have in our salaries.”

Dr. Perry suggest the Board hold a retreat to discuss the matter.

Baker said construction on Old Sunbury Road is set to start soon and the Board needed to get with Jeff Ricketson to address the bus routes it might affect.

Dr. Perry said in-person instruction for those

wanting to be in schools would start today.

He reminded the Board they are still dealing with the pandemic and still working to find the balance in keeping the students and staff safe while also providing the educational tools to make them successful Dr. Perry said studies have shown that some students have regressed in their knowledge and the LCSS will have to do everything possible to help the re-learn any knowledge that was lost.

“We are scheduled to come back on the 20th. We’ve taken all the safety precautions we can do…In addition to that we were able to negotiate with the Health Department to get all of our educators who are 65 and over the vaccine,” Perry said. “We had a meeting with the Governor and all the school District and said Mr. Governor if you could help us get the vaccines to our schoolteachers, that would help to keep schools open.”

Perry said the Governor was not able to commit to doing that at the time being.

However, Perry said that the state realizes that many students have fallen

behind and the state will be issuing funds to help get these students back up in their studies. He said Liberty County will get 8.9 million that will be used to help students.

Scott asked if they might push back in-person classes. Dr. Perry said right now they hope to keep it set for Jan. 20. Board member Verdell Jones asked what other school districts are doing.

Perry said most are in blended learning.

Guyett mentioned that Long County and Bryan County are back to in-person education. Baker said Wayne County is doing in-person learning and students wanting to stay virtually had to get their own technical devices.

The Board confirmed they would sign the State required Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest forms and mail those back to the state education department.

The Board approved the updated Title IX Policy.


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