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LCSS Strategic Planning Meeting recap
Superintendent Perry
Superintendent Dr. Franklin Perry addressing the audience of the recent Strategic Planning Meeting on the county's education goals.

During the recent Strategic Planning Meeting, LCSS revealed they are planning to implement a new transportation system, called Zonar. Zonar is digital tracking software which will keep track of Liberty County school buses. With this software, LCSS will know where a bus is located at any given time. They will also be able to tell how fast the bus is going. Deputy Superintendent Zheadric Barbra stated that he is hoping to further the program by having students carry ID badges which will be swiped when getting on and off the bus. This will help keep track of students on their way to and from school. LCSS is hoping to demo this system later in the year.

Aside from this, it was announced by Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Pattie Crane, that attendance throughout Liberty County schools has increased. The graduation rate has also increased, being 85 percent; 5 percent higher than the state graduation rate, Crane said.

Due to strong interest in dance and piano classes, teachers for these subjects have been made full time. New classes dedicated to the arts have also been added due to a survey conducted among students as to what subjects they’d enjoy the most.

LCSS has been conducting out of state recruitments for teachers in hopes of finding “the best” our country has to offer, focusing especially on predominately black colleges, school officials said.

The school system is also dedicating some of its federal funds to improve youth mental health. 

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