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Liberty County sheriff injured in wreck
Don martin uniform
Sheriff Don Martin - photo by Courier file photo
Liberty County Sheriff Don Martin was injured in a traffic wreck Thursday night, but reportedly his injuries are not life threatening.
He reportedly was pulled out of his truck just before it caught fire.
It happened about 10:30 on Highway 84 in Midway, according to Georgia State Patrol Senior Trooper Harry Middleton.
Martin's chief deputy, Keith Moran, said, "He's going to be fine."
Moran said he had talked with the sheriff's wife and she told him doctors said the sheriff had a broken leg and six broken ribs.
He is in Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, but is not allowed visitors, other than close family.
Moran said he assumes the sheriff will be laid up for a time, but is lucid and making decisions concerning the department.
"I'm still taking everything to him," the deputy said.
Middleton said Martin was alone in his pickup when it ran into the rear of another vehicle that had stopped to make a left turn into a convenience store at Butler Avenue.
The other driver was Sherri Elaine Griffin of Midway. She was not believed to have been injured.
Middleton was off duty Friday and did not have the details of the report with him.
The trooper did say he was unsure if any tickets would be issued because there were conflicting stories among witnesses and those involved whether the second vehicle had its lights and turn signal on.
There was no indication alcohol was involved.
Middleton did say a witness pulled Martin from his truck just minutes before it caught fire.
"At this point it's still under investigation," the trooper said.
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