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BoE appoints interim superintendent; doesn't say who
Search expected to take time
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The Liberty County Board of Education decided Wednesday to interview seven superintendent candidates for the seat that becomes vacant June 1.
Board Chairwoman Lily Baker told the Courier that the board made the decision during a called meeting held in executive session.
“This is our initial interview, and then we’ll come up with our finalists out of these seven,” Baker said.  
As many as 25 candidates applied for the job, Baker said, and it’s too hard to guess when a permanent new leader will be put in place.
“That, we’re not sure, because some individuals may not be able to get out of contracts until five or six months from now, and some may be able to come right away,” Baker said. “It all depends on who we select as far as the time frame of having a new superintendent.”
Meantime, the board offered an interim superintendent position to an existing staff member, Baker said. The staff member has accepted the offer, but the matter must be voted on during the board’s May 28 work session.
“Our interim is somebody that’s already on staff,” Baker said. “They’ve already accepted, but I don’t guess it’s official to make the announcement because we haven’t voted.”
Current Superintendent Dr. Judy Scherer said it is her understanding that Deputy Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Conley will be the interim.
In January, Scherer notified the board that she would retire effective May 31. She has been with the district for five years.
Prior to Scherer’s hiring, Title 1 Facilitator Harley Grove served as interim while the board conducted a year-long search.

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