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Clerk of courts warns of scam
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Liberty County’s Clerk of Courts Linda Dixon Thompson is warning citizens of a scam that surfaced this week involving jury duty.

Thompson said at least two people received calls and were told they missed jury duty.

“The caller will say, ‘I’m calling from the sheriff’s department or the police department to let you know that you missed jury selection and there will be a warrant issued for your arrest unless you pay a fine with a prepaid debt card,’” Thompson said. “The caller will tell you that you have until a certain call back time to pay.”

Thompson said the clerk of superior and state court handles jury selection for Liberty County and never call requesting money over the phone.

She added that no warrant is ever issued for failing to report for jury selection. 

“We post all scheduled jury selection dates on our website as soon as possible for the whole year,” she said.

To view the dates visit and click on the top tab marked jury information. Once there click the far left tab marked check jury trial status.

Thompson said the process for handling people who miss jury selection is:

The clerks will send an absentee list to the sheriff’s department. A deputy will either call you or go to your residence to remind you that you need to report for jury selection.

If you still fail to report, you will be mailed a notice to report before the court to show cause to a judge why you failed to report on a summons for jury selection. At the time you appear before the judge it’s his discretion whether to hold you in contempt, fine you or give you time in jail for failing to appear.

Thompson said one person was scammed out of $500 so far. 

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