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Debris pickup in Hinesville still going on
Residents asked not to mix debris, have patience
Big trash can home depot
A 96-gallon trash can such as those available at Home Depot. - photo by Home Depot

Hinesville residents take note:


The following comes from the city regarding storm debris pickup and CrowderGulf, the company Hinesville has contracted with to handle that task.


“CrowderGulf has not yet finished its first pass through the city and workers are still making their way to areas where storm debris hasn’t yet been picked up because there is significantly more debris than was originally estimated,” said the city’s public affairs manager, Brittany McClure.

McClure said CrowderGulf employees have been working seven days a week from daylight to dark and as of yesterday, they have picked up more than 45,000 cubic yards of storm related debris in Hinesville, alone.


So how much is that?


Thanks to a quick Google search and the American Quality Waste Removal website, the Courier learned that the bed on a standard size pickup holds between two to three cubic yards. So that’s somewhere around 22,000 pickup truck loads full of debris.


Or, look at it this way: those standard 96-gallon trash cans you wheel to your curb? They hold about half a cubic yard, according to American Quality Waste Removal. So the 45,000 cubic yards picked up by CrowderGulf so far is about 90,000 96-gallon wheeled trashcans worth of storm debris.  


More from the city:


McClure said it’s also important to note that CrowderGulf isn’t picking up fencing or storm debris with fencing in it because it has to be disposed of through a completely separate waste stream, per FEMA and EPA guidelines.


 “It is extremely important that citizens do not co-mingle their storm debris with demolition debris such as fencing as this will result in their pile not being picked up in order to abide by federal guidelines,” she said. “They also cannot come onto private property to get debris. It must be placed curbside.”


Finally, this:


Once CrowderGulf finishes its first pass through Hinesville, the company’s work will not be complete. CrowderGulf will return for a second pass on Nov. 14.


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