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Drink stand makes splash in Bryan Co.
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Sam Davis, right, and Stanley Walls buy drinks from the Midway Lemonade Girls Tuesday in Richmond Hill. - photo by Lewis Levine

A bright pink and yellow lemonade stand caught the eye of many attendees at the inaugural Richmond Hill Farmers Market on Tuesday, when crowds showed up for local, farm-fresh produce in J. F. Gregory Park.

The lemonade stand — run by Kasity Dixon, Skylar Roberts and Tiffany Cassin, who recently have been dubbed the Midway Lemonade Girls — was buzzing with thirsty customers who wanted a taste of the now-famous lemonade.

The three girls decorated their stand with streamers and taped up a banner given to them by market organizer Angus McLeod.

“I’m just excited that we get to sell lemonade again and have fun,” Kasity said.

Kasity and Tiffany said they thought it was “pretty cool” to be called “the lemonade girls.”

“When we walk into a store people are like, ‘Look! It’s the lemonade girls!’” Kasity said. “And I went to the dentist yesterday and people were whispering, ‘Look, it’s the lemonade girl.’”

The girls were invited by McLeod, who was excited to have the girls as special guests of the market.

“I thought it would be good for them to sell their product and good for the market,” he said.

Kasity and Skylar’s mother, Amy Roberts, said she was surprised by the invite.

“I really didn’t know what to think, (McLeod) just kept insisting that we come and said they’d be glad to have us,” Roberts said. “Of course I called the girls and they were like, ‘yes, yes, yes.’”

Richmond Hill City Councilwoman Marilyn Hodges sipped some of the sweet lemonade and said it was the best she’d ever had. Hodges said she not only was glad to see the Midway girls there but also enjoyed seeing the crowd at the market.

“I’m so glad they accepted the invitation to come,” Hodges said. “They might be the entrepreneurs of the future and they started with a lemonade stand.”

Also enjoying some lemonade was Richmond Hill City Councilman Russ Carpenter, who also said the lemonade was the best he’d ever tasted. He said he was also excited for the girls.

“Any city code or ordinance has to have a measure of practicality, and I’m glad Richmond Hill does and I’m glad they are here,” he said. “Most children don’t want to work for things and these ladies do.”

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