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Hinesville growth expected to surge
City projected to be fifth-ranking 2020 boom town
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Hinesville-Fort Stewart was ranked No. 5 on a top-10 list of metro areas projected to become boom towns in the year 2020, according to a report published by real estate publication Inman News.

Inman News based its June 24 story by Andrea Brambila on estimates posted by data analysis firm ProximityOne of Alexandria, Va.

According to Inman, Hinesville and the nine other metro areas listed are in “states that experienced (population) increases of between 15 percent and 25 percent in the last decade.” Along with Georgia, Inman reported North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Idaho and Utah were named as those states that experienced a high rate of population growth.

ProximityOne calculated its projections using various data including the 2010 Census, birth and death statistics, migration patterns and economic trends. ProximityOne principal and founder Warren Glimpse said only “administratively supported” data from authoritative sources, such as the Department of Labor, are used in the firm’s analyses. ProximityOne revises its information monthly and quarterly, he said.

“Every day the economy and demographics are changing,” Glimpse said.

As for factoring Fort Stewart’s rotating troop population, Glimpse said recent patterns using solid statistics are used. ProximityOne would not use figures based on a possible influx of soldiers, such as the promised 5th Brigade, which was canceled by the Department of Defense in July 2009, he said.

ProximityOne’s clients include state, county and city governments, school districts and private industry, Glimpse said.

Hinesville-Fort Stewart’s 2010 population of 78,595 will jump to 102,769 in the next 10 years, a 30.8 percent increase, according to ProximityOne as reported by Inman.

“Receiving such a high ranking nationally and that fact being widely distributed to the real estate development community is very beneficial to Hinesville/Liberty County,” Liberty County Development Authority Executive Director Ron Tolley said.

“Rankings of this sort from an impartial third-party source are invaluable and can’t be bought with any amount of marketing dollars.”

Tolley said the LCDA will distribute Inman’s story to project managers, site selection consultants, real estate brokers and other business prospects as well as post it on the LCDA website.

Hinesville Mayor Jim Thomas said he is pleased but not surprised by the projected 2020 boom town ranking.

According to Thomas, Hinesville also is listed as the fourth-fastest-growing municipal area in the United States based on its gross municipal product. The mayor said he learned of this ranking when he attended the 79th annual U.S. Conference of Mayors held June 17-21 in Baltimore, Md.

Thomas said the boom town designation will help draw businesses to Hinesville and Liberty County.

 “When we go to places to recruit businesses … we (will) use this as a recruiting tool,” he said. “We want businesses that will be productive and environmentally safe. We want companies that are ethical and will support our citizens and our soldiers.”

Thomas added the Hinesville area’s quality of life attracts people here. 

“This area has grown and will continue to grow due to Fort Stewart, the recruitment of new industries, expansions at existing industries, additional service and retail employment, and military retirees,” Tolley said. “Hopefully, civilians from outside the area will start retiring here as well when the housing market eventually recovers.”

“This goes to show we are a community that is recovering faster from the recent recession and will be a community of growth in the immediate future,” Thomas said.

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