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Ludowici mayor aims at deserted mobile homes
3 Ludowici Mayor Looks to Continue Clean Up for 8-23
Ludowici Mayor James Fuller has begun steps to clean up deserted mobile homes like this one located on South Macon Street. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle

Deserted mobile homes in Ludowici are receiving the attention of the city’s mayor.    

During the Aug. 11 Ludowici City Council meeting, Mayor James Fuller told Long County Chief Code Enforcement Officer John Bradley that he wants to begin the steps to clean up several deserted mobile homes in the city. Fuller said the old mobile homes really are nothing more than trash because the structures had been stripped of anything of value.  Fuller said he is aware of least three such structures within the city limits.

Bradley said the process starts with advising the owners of the structures in writing that they need to clean up their property. He said if they refuse, they are cited, fined and given another 30 days to clean up the area. If, after these steps, the requested work still hasn’t been done, the properties can be cleaned up, Bradley said.

Bradley told Fuller to provide him with the owner’s information of each of the properties, and he will begin the process.

Bradley also informed the council of a proposed animal rescue to be built. He said land has been obtained from the Long County Industrial Authority for the project, and that prison labor will be used to build the structure. He said the building will be approximately 4,700 square feet and located near the county’s animal shelter. He said the animal shelter can hold only 15 dogs, but that the proposed rescue would be able to save 100 animals. Bradley said $20,000 has been donated toward the project, and that county officials have met with the state seeking additional funding.

Fuller also requested that Bradley look at a condemned dirt road behind Walker Elementary School. The mayor said the location is constantly damp, and a smell is coming from the area. Bradley said he will look into the matter.

Councilwoman Kathy Phillips also went on record requesting that the Long County Press, a local newspaper, correct an error in regard to the 2016 city election. She said it was reported that Robert Parker is seeking the office of police chief, but that this was an appointed position, not an elected office. Phillips said Parker is seeking the office of mayor.

City Clerk Tina Skipper reported to the council that the city has been contacted by a McDonald’s spokesman, and that the site plan for the proposed restaurant would be ready to review “any day now.”  

Also during the meeting, the council unanimously approved placing Barbara Parker on the library board representing the city.

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