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Midway man powering home with sun
Going Solar on the coast
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Midways Modivo Kadalei and Coastal Solar have built the largest in-ground solar array for a private home in Liberty County. - photo by Patty Leon

Midway resident Modibo Kadalie is tuning into the sun to power his Midway residence.

“We must change our relationship with the natural world,” said Kadalie , who drives a Prius and preaches sustainability. “I try not to degrade the environment. I think people can learn to live in a society that helps the environment.”

Kadalie  contacted Coastal Solar Company of Hinesville and teamed up with company representative Candler Boyd. The result is the largest in-ground solar array for a private residence in Liberty County.

“This will be able to power about 95 percent of my home,” Kadalie  said.

Power from the sun is among the fastest growing clean and renewable resources.

“We are on the cusp of really exploding,” Boyd said about the company’s recent growth. “I think the East Coast, especially North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, is starting to realize the relevance and significance of solar power in this part of the country.”

Kadalie  said he plans to purchase a battery backup system so he will have electricity during outages. And Kadalei said there is also the bonus of getting a little return on his investment.

“Any energy generated above the need of the home gets sold back to Georgia Power,” Keith Freeman of Coastal Solar said.

“They pay less money than we what we pay when we have to purchase power from them,” Kadalie  noted, saying it’s another way big energy companies try to maintain control. “They de-incentivize people from trying.”

“As opposed to the West Coast, our rates (the rates in the state of Georgia), the per kilowatt hour rates that our grid providers pay is nothing like it is out on the west coast or in New England,” Boyd admitted, but said it is a starting point and a plus for those who invest in solar systems.

Freeman said it took two weeks for the installation to be complete.

He said the research that goes into the installations is a bit longer.

“Typically we talk to the customers and see what the needs are,” Freeman said adding they review a year’s worth of energy consumption to define the scope and design of the installation.

Freeman joined the company in July 2016 but has been in the industry since 2000.

He said installation prices dropped dramatically about 18 months ago and since then business has been booming across the nation.

Coastal Solar has been at the forefront of that recent growth by creating a business model to allow for flexibility in designs and concepts. By thinking outside the box Coastal Solar managed to develop designs to power industrial, residential and agricultural businesses.

“We feel very fortunate to be part of this industry,” Boyd, who calls Kadalie  a friend said. “We are a service oriented industry and we are here to provide a service…profit is a byproduct. If we make our people happy…the Lord will bless us and everything else will be taken care of.”

Solar installation helps to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the fossil fuels used in conventional power plants.

That is reason enough for Kadalie .

“We will soon kill off the environment taking people with it,” said the Riceboro native who has traveled across the globe. “I have been around the world and have seen how people live. Some people try, others don’t. Some people are just trying to make money while others are trying hard to care (for the environment).”

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