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Reports from Obama visit to Fort Stewart
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Soldiers and family members line the streets, waving, talking pictures and Soldiers saluting as motorcade passes by.

President and First Lady dep from Wright Army Airfield in Marine One @1340
--White House press office

President has left the area and, presumedly, is headed back to Hunter
--Courier reporters

1:10 President signs executive order at 1307
--White House press office

SSG Enrae Johnson, 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team

Noncommissioned officer in charge of motorcade
(Speaking for Soldiers part of motorcade)

"This is an honor. For someone to say they want us to be part of this day, its a big deal - its something we'll tell our kids and grandkids. It means we're good soldiers who uphold the Army values"
--White House press office

1250 Pres Obama "hello fort stewart!" The crowd shouts "HOOAH!"

"It's a privilege to hang out with some of america's finest - dog face Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division."

Talks of schools taking advantage of service members, veterans and their families.

"Today, here at Fort Stewart, we're going to put and end to it. The executive order I'm about to sign will make life a whole lot easier for [you].

"This is about making sure you succeed - because when you succeed, this country succeeds."
--White House press office

1240, Sgt Johnnie Marshall introduced. He shared gus story as a "victim" of a for-profit university, which target servicemembers, veterans and their families. He then introduced the president and first lady, saying he is "glad the president and first lady are here to address this problem"

1244: Michelle Obama "Hello Fort Stewart! We are beyond thrilled to be here. I just have one thing to say: HOOAH!"
"Military families, I am in awe of you."
--White House press office

President is speaking now.
--Courier reporter

The presidential seal has been placed on the podium near Marne Garden, signalling the president is about to arrive on stage and speak.
--Courier reporter

President at First Lady arrived at Division HQ at 1200, where they were greeted by 3rd Infantry Division Commander Major General Robert Abrams.
--White House press office

President and First Lady arrived at warriors walk @ 1145. They walked, hand in hand, down the walk past the 441 Eastern Redbud  trees, each representing a Solider with or attached to the 3rd Infantry Division killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

--White House press office

About 10,000 soldiers, family members and veterans gathered on Marne Field in nearly 90 degree heat. Major General Robert Abrams, 3rd Infantry Division commander, will open the event, then introduce  Sgt Johnnie Marshall, 2-3 Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, who will introduce the First Lady, who will then introduce the President.  The president is at Fort Stewart to meet with Soldiers and military families and to announce an executive order to stop deceptive and misleading practices by educational institutions that target veterans, service members and their families.

The crowd began arriving at 0630 and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the president and the first lady.
--White House press office

More than 10,000 people gathered in front of Building One on Fort Stewart this morning in anticipation of the arrival of President Obama.
Maj. Gen. Robert "Abe" Abrams, commander of the post and the 3rd Infantry Division, roused the group after reports that the president and first lady had landed at Hunter Army Airfield

--Courier reporters

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