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Tickets will be given for left turns
Restrictions placed on Macon St./Hwy. 84 intersection
No left turns
"No left turn" signs recently were placed at the intersection of Highway 84 and North/South Macon Street in Long County. - photo by Mikee Riddle

During Tuesday’s Ludowici City Council meeting, Police Chief James Steiner told the council that the police department will issue citations to drivers who make illegal left turns at the intersection of Highway 84 and North/South Main Street.

Last month, the council approved placement of “No left turn” signs at the intersection that sits between The Heritage Bank and Subway restaurant. Steiner requested the signs because of the frequent traffic accidents at the intersection stemming from drivers trying to make left turns. After the signs were in place, the chief said the police department would give local citizens 30 days to adjust to the change, issuing only warnings in lieu of citations. At this point, however, anyone who makes an illegal turn will be ticketed and fined.

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