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The long and lasting marriage of Melvin and Carrie Mobley

Seventy-two years is a lifetime for many people.  But Carrie and Melvin Mobley have been married just that long.

They were married on Nov.  27, 1947, and this year marked their 72d wedding anniversary. Carrie Ann Hill and Melvin Maxwell Mobley Jr. were married on Thanksgiving Day by the late Rev. J. D. Battle in Ludowici, Georgia.

Carrie Hill Mobley was born on Feb. 25, 1929, in Willie, Georgia, which was part of the Fort Stewart reservation prior to the government purchasing the land. 

Her husband, Melvin Maxwell Mobley Jr., was born on Sept. 26, 1926, in Odum, Georgia. She is the oldest of 27 children. “There were two sets of children,” she said.  Her husband, however, comes from a small family of three children.

As a young girl, Carrie Hill Mobley attended school in Hinesville, Georgia, as well as Ludowici.  Melvin Mobley also attended school in Ludowici.

During their long marriage, they lived in Florida for about three years. Prior to settling in Liberty County in 1989, they lived in Jesup, Georgia. Today, they are proud residents of Keith Street in Hinesville.

While in the workplace, Mrs. Mobley was employed with the Manhattan Shirt Company and Ashley Shoes in Jesup.  She retired from Ashley Shoes.  Mr. Mobley is a World War II veteran and worked at Rayonier in Jesup and retired as a foreman from the Department of Transportation (DOT).  

“After retiring from DOT, I drove the school bus for Headstart in Hinesville,” Mobley said.

Deacon Mobley and Sister Mobley are longtime members of Morning Glory Missionary Baptist Church in Jesup, under the leadership of Pastor Daniel Smith. Sis. Mobley serves as a church mother. She said her favorite song is What a Friend We Have in Jesus.  

“My favorite scripture is Psalm 34,” she said.

Dea. Mobley not only serves as a deacon, but he is a great singer, who sang with the Voices of Wayne for many years.  

“My favorite song is, Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross.  I had some good times singing with the group.  We used to travel to many different places to sing,” he said. 

His favorite scripture is John 14.

Both of them say their grandchildren make them happy and spoil them. “

We enjoy spending time with them,” stated Mr. Mobley.  “I love to watch QVC, the Word, and TBN,” said Mrs. Mobley.  Melvin Mobley said he watches the Word and Western channels.

“I enjoy working in the yard with my flowers.  I also used to sew a lot,” she said.  

Her favorite dish is fried okra and his favorite is also fried okra and sweet potato pie.  

“She is the best cook,” said Mobley.  The Mobley’s youngest daughter, Jaundalyn, said her dad can cook a whole meal. 

The Mobley’s wisdom nuggets/advice to couples (both old and young) is simply to put God first.  

“Be sure you know what you want. Make sure that person has the qualities you want and be willing to give and take.  Sometimes you have to take more; marriage is a commitment.  I told the Lord I would live with whomever he gave me.  I don’t believe in divorce,” she said.   

Mr. Mobley’s said, “Don’t’ give more than you can take. If you can dish it out, you must be able to take it.”  

They both said they spoil one another.  

“What I love most about her is she didn’t have a lot of friends.  She loves her children and is a good woman.”

Mrs. Mobley said what attracted her to him was his timeliness.  

“He was a person who was always timely and if he said he was going to do something, he did it.  He is a strong person,” she stated.  

These days the Mobley’s have slowed down somewhat.  “I spend my days on the porch and in the bed. She takes care of me; I enjoy being spoiled,” said Mr. Mobley.  Mr. Mobley said he attributes his long life – he’s 93 years young – to the grace of God and God’s promises. 

“I take it easy and see about my husband.  When I leave the house he asks the children about my whereabouts.  He spends his time worrying about me.”  

Mrs. Mobley, 90, said her long life is because of her respect for the elders and the prayers of the righteous.  She is a two-time cancer survivor and has undergone two knee operations.  

“I am blessed,” she said.

The Mobley’s are the parents of 13 children; five are deceased.  Their living children are Patricia Ann Lawson, Debra Mobley Sadler, Avia Maria Nixs, Melvin Maxwell Mobley III, Mark Taylor Mobley, Michael Jeffrey Mobley, Jaundalyn Michelle Mobley, and Mitchell Berry Mobley. They have also been blessed with 25 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Mobley family came together to celebrate their parent’s 72d wedding anniversary at the Celebration Castle in Ludowici.  This young at heart couple was surrounded by their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren.  

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