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Long BOC discusses substandard roads, inspections
Long County Board of Commissioners

The Long County Commission dealt with some routine business items at its regular meeting Feb. 5, but also faced issues like the deteriorating infrastructure in several subdivisions including Vickers Hill.

Vickers Hill and a handful other subdivisions have been mentioned at past commission meetings. One of the problems, according to county officials, is these are private roads and streets that have not been properly maintained by neighborhood developers for years. The county has so far not voted to accept these private roads as county roads. Only county owned roads can be maintained by the county.

In some cases residents have voiced concerns over road maintenance issues for more than a decade. Commissioner Mike Phillips said, “It’s been 12 years . . . At some point we’re going to have to take our medicine.”

Commissioner Mike Riddle said it is a regrettable situation, but that he cannot see the county accepting all the substandard roads.

The commission also considered placing a moratorium on zoning and development, but tabled the issue after agreeing the topic warrants further discussion. Commissioners commented they would like to first strengthen the county’s zoning code and improve field inspection services.

On the subject of field inspections, the board discussed how better inspection services can ensure that roads are built to proper specifications, and that drainage, lighting and sidewalks would be correctly installed from the start. The Long BOC also agreed to hire a firm to conduct field inspections for the county. County officials are currently looking at several potential candidates.

Citizen Douglas Walker appeared before the commission to voice his opposition to school taxes levied on the property of those who have no children in schools. Commissioners suggested Walker make his request to the Board of Education, as it is the school board that determines school taxes.

Long County agreed to operate the upcoming Ludowici municipal election. The estimated cost will be $26,000.

The commissioners appointed Patricia Morris to a vacancy on the Board of Assessors.


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