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Long BOE approve track improvements
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The Long County Board of Education held their monthly meeting this past May 17, to discuss the items of information and possible action.

Their first order of business dealt with the the town's track field. Assistant Superintendent Heath Crane brought up three courses of action in order to improve the state that the field is currently in.
The first was to leave it like it is which is not considered safe. The second would be to grind the materials on the track and do other things such as repaint and the third would be go to a Regulation A lane track.

"Number one is out of the question," said Board Member H. Bryan Wingate.

The board unanimously declared to choose the third option of going to a Regulation A track which would start around the time of football season. The estimate for it would be around $250,000-$300,000.

The custodial update was featured next and it was said that it was all clean for all the different schools.

Next up was the issue of COVID and wearing masks for the next school year. It was announced that all personnel are currently wearing masks whenever they leave their classroom or offices and that only inside said perimeters they are not required to have them on. In addition to this, few kids currently have caught it and the ones who have, received it from outside exposure.

The Board felt that whatever is required by federal mandate in transition for the next school year, but as of this moment, masks are not optional on buses. The Board has a desire to change said ruling for the next year when it comes to school properties.

"I would like to see the masks become optional," said Board Member Marcus D. Deloach.

The board once again unanimously declared that masks will become optional beginning June 1st.

Virtual learning was the next order as the middle and high schools are offering Edgenuity for students to catch up on their work. This motion was carried.

GSBA Training will begin July 18th and it will be three hours for the whole next year and it will take place on Monday nights. The Board encouraged this training to take place all in one setting instead of cutting it in half.

A very special award was presented to Kanyon Johnson, a junior at Long County High School participating in the JROTC. He was given the Distinguished Cadet Award by his superior Captain Sirmans.

Captain Sirmans had high praise for Mr. Johnson in terms of loyalty, dedication, and work ethic.

"He's very attentive," said Captain Sirmans. "If you ask him to do something, he does it."

The Board also reappointed Amy Howard and Kathy Simmons to the Long County Public Library Board.

The Board also added Catherine Ferri under the G division for Summer School 2021.

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