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Long County getting higher tax bills
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Last week, Long County residents began receiving their 2010 tax bills. With millage rate increases by the Long County Board of Education and the Long County Commission, many people likely will see a difference in their bills.
According to Long County Chief Tax Assessor Beverly Johnson, the BoE millage rate rose from 9.852 last year to 13.5 this year for a 3.648 increase. The county commission rate rose from 13.06 to 15.71 for a 2.65 increase.
BoE members and commissioners say the increases will make up for lost revenue and allow the county to continue providing certain services.
With the changes, residents may be wondering how hard their wallets will be hit. Johnson offered an explanation.
She said last year’s tax on a property with a fair market value of $100,000 was $991.04. This year, the tax will be $1,242.96 — a $251.92 increase.
When the value of the home increases to $200,000, last year’s tax changes from $1,982.08 to $2,485.92 for a $503.84 increase.  
For residents who own a substantial amount of land, such as an $800,000 tract, the tax changes from last year’s amount of $7,928.32 to $9,943.68 for a $2,015.36 increase.
Johnson said Long County residents will feel an additional pinch this year because Gov. Sonny Perdue did not re-sign the Georgia Homeowners Tax Relief Grant, taking away an $8,000 homestead exemption credit that had been used to offset property taxes.
“We’re still getting the homestead exemption, but whereas everyone was getting an $8,000 value from the governor off the assessed value ... that has been taken away,” Johnson said.
She thinks most people likely are looking at about a 25 percent tax increase this year. The assessor said the deadline to pay this year’s tax bills is March 23.
Anyone with questions about their tax bills can
call the Long County Tax Commissioner’s Office at 545-2127 or the Tax Assessor’s Office at 545-9111. Information also is available at
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