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Ludowici joins county in increasing fee for rezoning
Builders will pay $250 when filing a petition
MR hall at council
Planning and Zoning Board Chairman Kent Hall speaks to the Ludowici City Council on Tuesday during a meeting.

 In other business the council...

• Approved the 2009 city budget.
• Heard LPD Chief Richard Robertson,
report that the crime in the city had dropped
by 30 percent from 2007 to 2008.
• Decided to review the manner in which
businesses are charged for their water.
• Purchased new copiers for city hall, the police department and the water department.
• Appointed Phillips as the city attorney for the 2009 at a budgeted rate of $6,000.
• Rehired all city employees for the 2009.
• Approved Tarra Manning to attend a training class in Athens Feb. 4-6, regarding her maintaining her certification as a P&Z Board member.

LUDOWICI — At its January meeting Tuesday, the Ludowici City Council voted to increase the cost for builders when they file a petition to rezone property, from $150 to $250.
Kent Hall, chairman for the Long County/Ludowici Planning and Zoning Board, said the board had requested the increase of both the city and county at its December meeting.
According to Hall, $150 does not always cover the costs of running the petitions in the newspaper and postings notices on the property. Hall said when this occurs the county and the taxpayers have to pay the additional cost. The P&Z board did not think this was appropriate, he said.
Councilman Frank McClelland Jr. asked Hall, if a $100 increase be sufficient. Hall said it would.
The council unanimously approved the increase. The Long County Commission approved the increase on Jan. 6.
The Council also discussed a request by Ron Webb, owner of Liberty Plaza in Ludowici, to remove a dead tree in a ditch next to the property.
Mayor Myrtice Warren asked Water Superintendent James Fuller Sr. if the tree is on city property. Fuller said no. Webb said he believed the city was responsible for the tree since the city maintains the ditch.
Warren asked City Attorney Richard Phillips, regarding easements, if the city is responsible. The attorney said the city had “sovereign immunity” to clean out the ditch.
After further discussion, no action was taken to have the tree removed.
Rodney Ballance, owner of S&K Wrecker Co., also asked that his company be placed in a rotation with Fowler Wrecker Service when the Ludowici Police Department orders a vehicle towed in the city.
Warren told Ballance the request would be looked into and brought back up in February.

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