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Man who threatened woman with gun arrested
gun threat

A man who threatened a woman with a firearm after tapping her bumper, and later causing a second accident at 910 E.G. Mile Parkway was arrested.

According to Hinesville Police Department Assistant Chief, Tracey Howard, the man was arrested April 6th, by the Newnan Georgia Police Department.  

The Newnan Police served the arrest warrants which were done by HPD. The suspect, Christopher Sumlin, of Jonesboro, Ga.  faces charges of aggravated assault and stalking.

This arrest came just days after a woman reported that her vehicle had been struck from behind and a man exited the car with a firearm.  The woman reported that she fled the area and was chased for a short distance before she lost sight of the suspect's car behind her. She later called for police assistance.

During the alleged chase, the car Sumlin was driving crashed into a kiosk at a carwash located at the intersection of E.G. Miles Parkway and Pineland avenue.  After crashing the car Sumlin exited the car and fled the scene on foot.  

Sumlin will be transported back to Liberty County where he will be brought in front of a Magistrate Judge to have his bond determined.

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