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Marathon planning meeting delays decisions
Midway annexations being considered
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As their October meeting neared five hours in length, members of the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission decided they had had enough for one sitting and postponed the rest of their business until a Tuesday session to be held at 4:30 p.m. at the commission’s office.
Among business items, the LCPC approved two zoning changes to Planned Unit Development for Sawgrass Landings, formerly known as Liberty Gateway at Martin Plantation. The LCPC also sent on to the county commission the proposed annexation by Midway of the portion of that development which is not in Midway.
The rezonings and annexations were allowed to move forward under a “good faith” letter signed by the attorneys representing both jurisdictions.
County Administrator Joey Brown signed a long letter to Midway Mayor Don Emmons objecting to the annexations, and the county’s objections remain in force as negotiations continue.
The commission also chose Don Hartley, its newest member, as interim vice chairman. The LCPC’s regular vice chairman, Jack Waters, is ill and has been unable to attend recent meetings.
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