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Midway native pens brand new book ‘The Three Mentors’
Ted Harris
Ted Harris wrote a new book called The Three Mentors.

Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Wayne are considered inspirational men to many individuals. In Theodore Harris’s newly released autobiography, “The Three Mentors: Warrior Theodore of the Spartans – The Battle of the Soul,” readers will witness how these three altruistic men played a role in the author’s life. 

Harris shares how he lives a life of selflessness, servitude and poverty for the nation’s greater good. Throughout the book, the author takes readers through different stages of his life that molded him into the man he is today. “The Three Mentors” follows Harris’s life from childhood to adulthood and will captivate readers through the devasting tragedies and inspiring triumphs he encountered. From being named the “Warrior Theodore of the Spartans” at the age of 11 by the National President of the Hells Angels to serving in the United States Air Force to increase mission completion through F-4 maintenance, Harris has lived a life with honorable mentions and memories he will always cherish. 

“The Three Mentors” has received praise from multiple reviewers. “Mr. Harris has led a remarkable life and his autobiography captures moments in our country’s history of turmoil, racial and political unrest as well as his own personal struggles with abandonment, betrayals and business failures. He outlines for the reader the way the use of “kindness as a weapon” is stronger than the world’s attacks. His language places profound spiritual truths into the hands of the reader in a fresh and accessible manner.” – AuthorHouse Reviewer “…He speaks with a refreshing and direct style. His voice and his message offer great hope and inspiration for our times and are especially valuable during our current times of social unrest and turmoil.” – AuthorHouse Reviewer Ultimately, “The Three Mentors” explores the power of forgiveness, civic responsibility, honor, duty and sacrifice. Harris’s life story will inspire readers to live a life full of faith and humility regardless of what obstacle they endure. “The Three Mentors: Warrior Theodore of the Spartans – The Battle of the Soul” By Theodore Harris ISBN: 978-1-4259-8088-7 (softcover); 978-1-4259-8621-6 (hardcover) Available at AuthorHouse, Amazon and Barnes & Noble About the author Theodore Harris has witnessed many things throughout his life. When he was 11, he was given the name Warrior Theodore of the Spartans by the National President of the Hells Angels in 1965. He overcame adversity which led Harris to create the student forum against school violence and crime in Buffalo, NY. He joined the Air Force in 1973 and brought significant changes in aircraft maintenance. Harris had several accomplishments when he served, which can be seen in his new book, “The Three Mentors.”

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