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Moody family hopes for break in case
Authorities say they've found no links in cases
Lori Arrowood - photo by File photo
The recent arrest of Kenneth Lumpkin for the murder of Lori Arrowood, 42, has given the family of another missing woman hope that a new lead on their case may also surface soon.
Debora Gail Deloach Moody was 42 when she disappeared from her Ludowici home in December 2007, and law enforcement officials haven’t discovered many clues. Moody’s family, however, has worked hard to keep their daughter’s case alive by holding vigils in her honor, offering rewards for information and writing letters to local media outlets.
Arrowood’s remains were found in Long County, not far from where Moody once lived, and investigators are searching for new evidence they hope will help them solve the three-year-old case.
On Monday and Tuesday, 25 members of local law enforcement agencies searched the woods near Tower Road for evidence connected to the Moody case and additional clues in the Arrowood case.
 “We’re still looking for any more evidence that might be found in the Gum Branch case, and we also are looking for anything that might be linked to the Moody case,” Long County Emergency Management Agency Director Darrell Balance said.
Personnel from the Long County Sheriff’s Office, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Ludowici/Long County Fire Department, the Long EMA and the Liberty County Incident Command unit began combing the area at around 8 a.m. Monday, the agency director said. Six K-9 teams, including specially trained cadaver dogs, were used in the search.
 “We initially thought about getting more people out here, but if a body is buried, you could have 100 people walk across a grave over and over and never find it. With these cadaver dogs, they’re trained to locate decomposed bodies and bodies that are buried, so we thought this probably would be better,” Ballance said.
Soon after Arrowood disappeared, rumors began to circulate throughout the community that officials caught a break in the Moody case when additional remains were unearthed, but Ballance said no concrete evidence or clues have been discovered.
“No, nothing has been found, and that [rumor] is not true,” he said.
Long County Sheriff Cecil Nobles said, “The search for Debora Gail Moody has been going on since December of 2007. We always felt that she was somewhere in this area. The evidence with this other case is very similar, and we hope we can get this case resolved.”
The sheriff added, “I sympathize with this family, however, I don’t think we’ll ever find her [Moody] alive. But if we can find her and close this case, it will give the family a little peace.”
Moody was last seen Dec. 4, 2007. Anyone with information on the case should call the LCSO at 545-2118.

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