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NAACP asking for Carolyn Brown's release
carolyn brown
Carolyn Brown
The NAACP thinks 30 years in prison is too much for former Liberty County Tax Commissioner Carolyn Brown and will press the point at a news conference at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow in front of the Liberty County Courthouse.
Brown, a former tax commissioner first taking office in 1993, was convicted in 2002 of overpaying herself nearly $2 million during the mid 1990s. She has been in prison since 2002.
“The issue at hand is not guilt or innocence,” said the Rev. Liston Singletary III, president of the Liberty Branch NAACP. “It’s about the fair application and equity of punishment for the alleged crime.”
After 76 months into Brown’s sentence, the group questions why she has not been paroled. Her time is unfair compared to what other criminals have served, they say.
Jimmy Smith, commission chairman during much of the time Brown’s case unfolded was apprehensive about commenting on the subject because of the effect it had on the community.
He said many local residents feel that way.
“We don’t we need to stir the pot,” Smith said. “That was one the most divisive things that has happened in this county, probably in my lifetime. The less said about it the better, for all of our sakes.”
According to the press release, the NAACP, along with local supporters, will “reveal unheard truths and misrepresentation of facts,” Thursday.
M.L. Coffer who served as commission chair when allegations were first leveled against Brown said he thought the issue was best left to the judges.
“I like Ms. Carolyn,” Coffer said. “I don’t have anything against her.”
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